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Indian Skull Pillow

Indian Skull Pillow

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You are looking to have a native American decoration. You are missing cushions like this one on your sofas. Decorate your house according to your passion, my friend!

Are you the kind of person who asks a lot of questions about the past? Who loves history and always wants to know where it came from and where your ancestors lived? 

If so, then don't hesitate to choose this Indian Skull Pillow! It represents the history of the United States like no other pillow can.

The skull in perfect condition with all those feathers surrounding its head tells many stories! 

Like the one that says no matter how modernized the world has become, we will always be considered Native Americans, and with all the opportunities and luxuries we have, we can't feel the peace they once did. 

Feel free to give this pillow as a gift if you have a like-minded friend.

  • Design 3D HD: direct digital printing
  • Anti-friction: maximum comfort, ultra-soft fabric
  • Materials: cotton 
  • Pillow cover
  • Machine wash: 30 °C (86 °F) (optimal preservation)
  • Size: 45 cm x 45 cm | 18x18" inches

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