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Punisher Skull Leather Jacket

Punisher Skull Leather Jacket

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you're a fan of the punisher, more than just a symbol, he's a hero, take this punisher skull leather jacket proudly and pay tribute to this true legend!

Welcome to you bikers and motorcycle fans, if you’re also a fan of the punisher then this beautiful punisher skull leather jacket is a must-buy for you, it has an amazing design giving you a classy, sober, and stealthy look, and since this is a leather jacket it’ll give you a more manly and virile look, it has a nice 3 color mix (black, white, and red) the main color being black covering most of the jacket while white is on the back Punisher printing and last but not least red just gives some nice highlighting with a few stripes on the back and sleeves with zippers at the end of the sleeves to give you a looser fit if needed.

This gorgeous jacket is made out of 100% cow leather making it very robust, warm, and resistant to abrasion and it is also waterproof giving so you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet when it’s rainy, and since it is designed specifically for bikers, it has shoulder reinforcement and protecting you if fall down when you ride with your brothers, don’t forget that this jacket needs a leather special cleaning so watch out for that and our team advises you to pick it up one size up a security measure.

It's a one-lifetime treat!

  • Cow leather: robust material, wild look.
  • Superior Protection: Thick, abrasion resistant jacket
  • Biker jacket: shoulder reinforcements, "Mao" collar.
  • Contrasting diamond stitching, worn leather effect.
  • Composition: 100% Cow Leather.
  • Care instructions: special leather cleaning.

☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! As the jacket is quite small, our team recommends 1 size up as a security measure. ☠️

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