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Royal Skull Dragon Mug

Royal Skull Dragon Mug

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Look at this majestic dragon mug, it belongs to the royal knights, those who protect the kingdom with their bravery and courage. get yours now!

If you are a fan of fantasy, then you should know some fantastic beasts, and the king of all of them that is the Dragon, so get yourself this astonishing royal dragon mug! As you can see, it has an amazing design with neat and incredible details, starting with the dragon skeleton tail that makes the hand of the mug, in the middle, there is a design of a massive skull dragon about to take over a city using his strong and sharp claws and his wings that could create a fast wind.

This wonderful masterpiece is made out of stainless steel on the inside, and high-quality resin, and these two materials make this mug resistant to high temperatures and easy to clean. It also has a 450ml capacity equivalent to 15oz. You are able to keep any kind of liquids inside and their temperature will be the same for a long time.

  • Large capacity: 450ml (15 oz)
  • Stainless Steel and high-quality resin
  • Easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D design, meticulous details
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