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Skull And Cross Bracelet

Skull And Cross Bracelet

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Brave warrior! proudly represents the elite of the kingdom by wearing this skull and cross bracelet. nothing and no one can stop you now!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen if you're a biker or just a newcomer to the world of motorcycles then you most likely heard of the Maltese cross which is one of the most famous biker signs, if so then you might want to pick this skull and cross bracelet up for yourself, with its amazing design that combines stealthiness and class you will have everyone's eyes on you when you go out wearing your new bracelet it has gorgeous sculptures and engravings all over it with a black and silver color configuration that lets you wear it with any outfit.

This stunning piece of jewelry is made out of 316l stainless steel giving it sturdiness, and resistance to water and sweat allowing you to wear it to any occasion that you please whether it be going on a date with a lovely girl writing along the coast on your beautiful motorcycle with your crew, it would look amazing if paired with a black sweatshirt and a black leather jacket with a pair of slim jeans.

  • Stainless Steel 316L : doesn't blacken, doesn't oxidize.
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Length of 22cm (9 inches) | Weight : 105gr (3.7 oz)

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