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Skull Bird Leggings

Skull Bird Leggings

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skull bird legging will make you fly.

This skull bird legging is purely feminine and reflects a personality full of kindness and generosity, how can we be so sure?

This legging represents two completely different animals, it looks just like the snake skin, which has a deadly venom but can also save lives!

 It also contains wings of birds (or angel’s!) each one will perceive it according to what she likes.

A girl who loves animals is surely a person who overflows with sweetness and love! 

Add to that her penchant for skulls! You will become very sexy by adding this! especially with the rose above the skull's head.

The colors of the wings reflect very well the nature: Blue for the sky and the sea, yellow and orange for the fire and the lightning, elements of life essential to the survival of the living beings

If you are a girl who loves nature, look no further and don't be indecisive, because this legging was designed for you!

    • Size: Standard from S to XL
    • 3D digital impression, original design
    • Polyester, organic cotton with extra-long fibers

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