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Skull Ring Silver Antique

Skull Ring Silver Antique

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Discover a presence and a class that's been buried in you for ages. For that, nothing could be simpler, just wear this golden knight skull and crossbones ring.

Welcome gentlemen, are you looking for a new jewel to add some spice to your outfits and boost your style? If so, then this skull ring silver antique is ideal for you, it is very stealthy and simplistic but also very classy, it is golden and silver so it will go well with any outfit you wanna throw at it either a dark or vividly colored one, it has really neat polishing and brilliant detailing with a golden skull inside a circle surrounded by some writings and two nice logos on the smooth silver band.

This magnificent piece of jewelry is made out of 100% pure 925 sterling silver because such a masterpiece deserves to be forged with a noble material, it is obviously very sturdy and also resistant to water and sweat so you can wear it on a daily basis and be stylish 24/7. It would look very voguish with a snakehead skull necklace, so pick it up and treat yourself well.

  • Sterling Silver : 925 Sterling Silver (100% Pure)
  • One size (Resizable)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: 20gr (0.7 oz)

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