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Skull Steel Mug

Skull Steel Mug

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This Skull Steel Mug is unique!

This Skull Steel Mug contains the souls of hundreds of people that have been killed and betrayed by the shaman they betrayed which appeared to be a sorcerer that uses black magic! Also, you can see that it has a really unique color, a kind of silver except for the logo in the middle that is painted in bronze, with multiple skeleton heads in the top and the bottom of the cup, and the long and creepy hand holding the cup.

Furthermore, this wonderful masterpiece is made out of five-star quality ceramic, that could tolerate high temperatures and that makes you open to heat your drinks in the microwave with no fear, without forgetting that it has a 15oz capacity! 

  • Large capacity : 400ml (13.5 oz)
  • Stainless Steel and high quality resin
  • Easy to clean, resistant to high temperatures
  • 3D design, meticulous details
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