Dreams About Death

Dreams About Death

Have you ever dreamt of death? It must have troubled you, and you spent the whole day thinking about it. What did you see in your dream of death? A dead relative? A stranger? or your pet? Or maybe you were the subject of death yourself? It can be as upsetting and uncomfortable as a dream; at best, we can say it's a nightmare. However, do you know what lies behind these kinds of visions?

Many people see death as a threat that they face with fear or anxiety. Fear of the unknown is of great concern, especially to the elderly, until late at night, when the body begins to dream in its sleep for example, a. A dream about death, seeing the reaper, performing an autopsy, or pronouncing a death sentence, can be interpreted from many angles and can have many meanings, both positive and negative.

However, how can death be interpreted in dreams or what does it symbolize in the field of dream interpretation?

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Together on this blog, we will discover :

  1. The general meaning of dreams of death.
  2. The meaning of the dream of death related to family and loved ones
  3. The meaning of the dream of death related to animals.
  4. The meaning of the dream of death linked to external events and elements.

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Each one of us has probably lived a dream in which death occurred. Often, we can't classify what such a nocturnal encounter with death would mean. To interpret your vision of death, we have compiled the most common and exciting dreams to explore.

The most common dreams and their meanings

Dreaming about the death of the parents

dream death parent

If you have dreamt of your parents’ death, this can be interpreted, among other things, as a dream of change. In this case, the parents died in the dream because a certain phase of their own life is coming to an end. Both parents’ death may also mean that you are afraid of being abandoned, perhaps regarding the parents’ actual death.

The most common dreams of the death of the mother

Dreaming about the death of the mother

mom dream death

If the dreamer experiences the mother's death in the dream and is therefore in mourning, he may wish for a change, which often results from age and personal situation. The dream images "Death Mother" and "Death Mama" symbolize, based on the deceased mother, that support to bring about this change can be helpful in all cases.

Anyone who feels sad at the old mother’s sight and cries in a dream want to free himself from a significant burden. Simultaneously, the image of death indicates that one is longing for a change in life, for a new beginning. Anyone who experiences joy or relief at the sight of the news of death has no "inheritance" that could interfere with future development.

Dreaming about the death of the mother of my friend

Although it is a strange dream when we dream about our mother, dreaming about a girlfriend or boyfriend’s mother is still an overall experience. Why is this? Well, this dream heralds a development in the life of the boyfriend or girlfriend. Unlike the dreaded death of one's mother, it is not one's development but that of another person in the waking world.

Dreaming about the resurrection of the dead mother

A dream is undoubtedly unusual when the dreamer meets the already dead mother alive. The "death of the dead mother" is a warning signal for the dreamer: if the dead mother dies again, one threatens to fail twice in reality. In fact, you would have wished for a restart, but this does not happen as expected. It is essential to stick to your plan and look for alternative ways that lead to the goal.

Dreaming about the dead angry mother

angry mother dream death

If the deceased mother is angry in the dream, it is a dream symbol with a positive connotation: a union occurs. If the mother is still alive in reality, for example, reconciliation or a good life together is possible; if she is already dead, the union must be understood more in a spiritual sense. The dreamer forgives his deceased mother for mistakes made in retrospect and reconciles with her.

Whoever remains calm in the dream in front of the angry mother and observes her only in her rage is naturally a good mediator. If the dead mother also cries, this dream situation indicates a shared experience in the past. This emotional event could have been either good or bad. Perhaps you remember this when you wake up?

Dreaming about a phone call from the dead mother

In a dream, the phone goes by, you pick up the phone and hear the voice - your dead mother. She speaks and tells, as before. The phone call with the deceased can be a wonderful dream, but also very sad. It indicates the dreamer's wish to be able to talk to his dead mother only once more. Was there a lack of pronunciation before her death? The call in the dream symbolizes the desire for contact with the person at the other end of the line.

Dreaming about The deceased mother prepares the food

The dream symbol "cook" is in the popular interpretation of dreams a sign that certain preparations are made. If you now recognize the dead mother in your dream, how she cooks and how she is active in the kitchen during her lifetime, the dreamer is preparing for a change in his life. Are you planning a move or a change of job? The end of a partnership can also be expressed by the mother cooking the food in the dream.

Dreaming about the deceased mother driving

If the deceased mother suddenly sits behind a car’s wheel in a dream, it is a very unusual sleep experience. But more people dream about it than you think. Driving indicates as a vision that life goes on even without the mother's influence. Also, the mother dying in the car symbolizes a change that is happening faster than the dreamer would believe at the moment.

Why does my dead mother give me money in the world of dreams?

Maybe, as in the past, the mother gives money to someone in a dream? It may be good or because she has no other choice. The dreamer should consider what motive would be possible and in what context the deceased mother gave bills or coins. If you receive a financial injection into a dream, this will result in developments in the waking world that are definitely positive. This can go hand in hand with fundamental lifestyle changes.

The dead mother is pregnant in a dream

death mother pregnant

If you recognize hat, the deceased mother is pregnant in the dream event, and you can conclude your own bad decisions from this dream image. The dreamer would like these decisions to be new and different - but repentance comes too late.

Any person who sees the pregnant and at the same time deceased mother of another person in a dream her decision has also had a lasting negative impact on the lives of others. After such a dream experience, you can determine whether you have the opportunity to make amends for it.

"Died by his mother". When mom becomes a murderer in a dream

The dream in which the already dead mother becomes a murderer seems unbelievable. If you live the dream "death by mother,” the dreamer may have feelings of doubt and insecurity. Whoever becomes a victim of his mother rejects his personality. In the dreamlike image of "murder,” the person concerned is not one with himself and is always searching for his true self.

The most common dreams of the death of the father

The death of your father - a sad dream

death of father

If the dream symbol "my father's death" appears, it is undoubtedly a sad dream experience for the person concerned. If the father dies in a dream, this should often be interpreted as a positive dream image, as it represents, among other things, the good development of the dreamer's personality. He may break with the father figure and try to follow his path.

Dreaming of the premonition of the death of the father

According to the general interpretation of the dream, if the message is the father’s death, the subconscious would like to give the dreamer to understand that he is beginning to detach himself from possibly unloved and paternal parts of the character.

My father-in-law and his death in a dream

If the dream image "the death of the father-in-law" appears to you, you may be looking for a lost authority figure. However, the sleeper should ask himself whether he feels a severe need for it or whether he is already at a point in his life where control and direction of others have become irrelevant.

Dreaming about the deceased father laughing

If the dead father laughs in our dreams, it may indicate problems and concerns about the father. However, these are probably a thing of the past and are resolved symbolically through the dead father’s laughter in the dream world. If the father is indeed already dead, this may symbolize the completion of a treatment process.

A Deceased father crying in a dream

Inn a dream, whoever sees the dead father crying, should try to remember why the tears have flowed. Was the father sad? If so, it means an intensified emotional action of the person in the dream. If the deceased father is crying because of joy, it may indicate the beginning of difficult moments in the real world.

Dreaming about a dancing dead father

dad dancing dream death

Dance is in the world of dreams, often a symbol of liberation. If it is now the dead father who returns to the dance floor, it gives a sense of understanding that there may be some discrepancies in the relationship with a man - perhaps from the vicinity of his own family - that he would like to clarify.

Dreaming of the dead father eating

A dead father eats in our dreams when we lack contact with our father or parts of the personality that characterizes the dead father in the dream; This applies above all to the psychological level on which we may consciously or unconsciously wish we had more of our father.

Dreaming about the resurrection of the father

Dreams in which a deceased father comes back to life can have different meanings. Therefore, it is quite possible that the sleeper in the waking world was shaped by his father and reminds him of this in such a dream. Also, depending on the dream situation, different desires may be hidden behind the events.

Death of the deceased father - what is behind the dream symbol?

In addition to the father’s simple death, there may also be a dream in which the dream image "the dead father dies again" appears. This double death of the father may seem a little strange in the dream but indicates a new phase of life that may be imminent, which may bring about various changes..

Meaning of dreaming of family members death

Dreaming about the death of a family member

Death in the family can have many faces in a dream. Behind the dream symbols "death of the family", "death of a family member," and "death of relatives," there are often tricky and unhappy phases of life that can end after a long period. Even if a loved one’s dream death seems frightening at first, it is nevertheless a sign of a positive outcome in waking life.

dream about death friend

Death of parents - did you dream about it?

The death of close relatives in the dream world must be understood in some cases as an indication that a chapter in the dreamer's family history will soon be closed. In such a dream, consider, first of all, which relatives were involved and look at the context of the dream with hindsight and attention.

The meaning of the death of the kid in the dream

As a parent, you will experience the dream of your own child's death by wondering what the meaning of my child's death is in the world of dreams. If a child dies in a dream or if you see the dream symbol "dead baby"... There may soon be a new beginning in the waking world. This can affect very different areas of life.

The death of the daughter in the world of dreams

This can shock mothers and fathers when they wake up and discover: "I just dreamt of my daughter's death. The death of the daughter, or more generally the dream image "death of the daughter", often symbolizes a conflict between the parents and the daughter. Regular disappointment and conflict can become a problem that needs to be resolved.

The death of the son in the world of dreams

Not only is the death of the daughter disturbing, but the death of the son can be disturbing and very disturbing, because in the human mind the son is the heir to the family name. But don't worry, because from the parents' point of view, "my son's death" does not really mean dying. It is rather a negative experience towards the son, for example a disappointment that is currently being dealt with by the subconscious mind.

Dreaming about the death of brother or sister

Death brother or sister

According to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream of the death of a brother or sister indicates to the dreamer that the quarrels within the family can now come to an end. Also, siblings’ death can be seen as an indication of previously unexplored aspects of the personality, which are now more critical.

My sister's death haunts me in a dream

On the psychological level, there is a dreamlike event that concerns the image of the "sister's death" or the dead sister, for the beginning of a new phase in the sleeping person’s consciousness. This phase is linked to a reorganization of emotions: old feelings have been treated and finally given way to new ones.

Brother and his death in dreams

Difficult moments and turbulent development of the life situation are in store for those who see the symbol of the dream "brother of death" before their eyes of sleep. The dead brother also signals that the sleeper should think more about his fellow human beings’ needs. However, when interpreting his dream, the dreamer must consider the whole context to be able to interpret it as accurately as possible.

Grandmother and grandfather - both dead in the dream vision

"Dead Grandma" and "Dead Grandpa" are among those dreams that probably bring all the grandparents’ grandchildren to grief. The death of the grandmother, if in the dream the grandmother dies or is already dead, indicates to the dream that it must free itself from old principles and patterns. Not only the death of the grandmother, but also the death of the grandfather in the dream image "death of the grandfather" represents such a process of inner maturation.

"Dead Aunt" and "Dead Uncle". Interpretation of the dream

Those who see their aunt’s death in their dreams can expect that a phase of deprivation may end shortly and that life will again bring gains in various areas. To experience the uncle’s death in a dream indicates the end of family problems from the point of view of the general interpretation of the dream.

Dreaming about the death of a cousin

In the dream, the cousin sometimes represents parts of the character that the dreamer denies and can only create space during sleep. If the cousin’s death now appears in the dream image of "death cousin", it may be a sign that a change is taking place that also pays more attention to these personality parts in real life.

Niece or nephew died in dreams

The niece’s death can represent an increased mutual aid and affection between the dreamer and his relatives, but - depending on the dream’s event - also the exact opposite. The dream symbol "nephew of death" symbolizes that the intensity of the bond with one's own family may increase at this time. Close relatives can now be at the dreamer's side when they have a difficult personal problem.

Dreaming about the death of Mother-in-law and father-in-law

mother dream death

Did the mother-in-law die in a dream? Even if it seems dreadful, the dream symbol "the mother-in-law of death" may give some people a sense of relief. If the mother-in-law dies in the dream world, it is probably a sign of a change that can bring financial and professional success. The death of the stepfather represents a general phase of change.

Dreaming about the death of a sister-in-law

The sister-in-law’s death in a dream often refers to family quarrels and annoyances in the general interpretation of dreams; the brother-in-law’s death symbolizes the end of arguments and conflicts.

This does not mean close relatives, but somewhat distant relatives. Either you finally manage to settle a dispute together in reality, or the sleeper breaks off contact with a problematic person.

Do you dream of your spouse's death? Here is the interpretation!

love dream death

Depending on the feelings in the dream, the spouse’s disappearance, whether it is the death of the wife or the husband’s death, can have both positive and negative meanings.

For example, remaining a widow or widower can be interpreted as an invitation to end the past, but it can also be a warning of psychological stress. A spouse who dies in the dream event also often symbolizes a change that affects the waking world’s current relationship.

When death catches up with the partner in a dream

It doesn't matter whether you perceive your partner's death in a dream as "my partner's death,” "your partner's death," or based on the dream images "partner of death": such a dream is always disturbing.

If the partner dies in the dream world, this can indeed be interpreted as something positive because the relationship can enter a new phase of development.

Friends, relations and other people die in dreams

Goodbye, dear friends. To see the death of friends in a dream

friends dream death

The death of friends or the death of a loved one applies in the interpretation of dreams as an indication that the relationship with these people or that person should not be taken for granted. If the dreamer is not more careful, the friendship will die in the foreseeable future.

Death of close friends: a sad dream

The end of a friend in a vision, as it may appear, for example, as the dream symbol "death of the best friend,” is undoubtedly as severe as the death of a friend in the dream symbol "death of a friend" or "death of a good friend".

There is usually a new beginning behind such dreams, which includes the character illustrated by the person in the invention. Anyone who breaks old and bad habits can hope for real personal development.

Dreaming about the death of some people you may know


Suppose famous people’s death appears to you in the dream world. In that case, your life will probably soon be turned upside down because the death of acquaintances symbolizes the news to come in the waking world, bringing about profound changes in the dreamer's daily life.

If the sleeper speaks in a dream with a well-known person who has already died, he or she must remember the exact wording of the conversation - this gives clues about the message waiting for him or her.

dreaming about the death of colleagues

In the real world, we tend to be at work a lot to include our colleagues in dreams.Af a colleague’s death often appears in our dream consciousness as the image of "death of a colleague" or "death of a co-worker" and would like to encourage us to question the relationship to that person. Is there more competition or friendship and do you want to change something?

Did you see the death of your boss in your dream?

Dream of death of your boss

A dream of the dead boss can - depending on personal feelings - have both a good and a wrong meaning: on the positive side, a break with an existing dependency may be imminent, on the negative side, there may be difficulties that may lead to threatening their professional existence.

Dreaming about the death of a random person

Dreams about a person's death can be very diverse. It can be the death of an important person, the death of a loved one. Even though the interpretations may be different, you have a similar statement: the person concerned should try harder to socialize.

Seeing a man or a woman dead in a dream

Seeing someone dead in the dream world, if someone dies, first of all, raises the question of whether it was a man or a woman. The deceased persons each stand in the dream for a future stronger emphasis on parts of the male personality at the death of the woman and an emphasis on the female traits at the man’s death.

The death of a child appeared to me in a dream

If someone sees a child’s death in a dream of the symbol "child of death" or "strange child of death", for example, the child drowns or is crushed, certain changes in real life can cause problems for the person concerned. This can concern the private as well as the professional field.

Who are you? Death of a stranger in a dream

The death of strangers and the death of strangers are seen in the general interpretation of dreams as rather negative. Unknown fatalities and the death of a living person symbolize fundamental problems in coping with everyday life and indicate an existing inner emptiness of the dreamer. If you have this dream regularly, a conversation with a specialist doctor should take place.

Dreaming about the death of self

Dreaming about yourself dying

dream about your death

In the dream of my death, there is nothing worse than the realization that I am dying. Dreaming of your own death, experiencing death yourself and finally being really dead means that something is mentally dead in the dreamer, for example, a love. This has to be accepted by them and can also lead to positive changes.

Did you see your death announced in your dream?

Own death announced in a vision - and now? A dreamer does not need to worry because his own death is reported in the dream - which can cause discomfort - but the announced death or even the possible suicide in the dream has nothing to do with the real end. On the contrary, behind the symbol of the dream lies a radical rupture of relationships or projects.

Fake dream death yourself, well rare but can happen

Faking one's death in dreams seems a little strange at first. However, behind the illusion of one's death, there is a mixture of creativity and escape from reality, in which the dream creates its own vision of the world in the waking world and sets no limits to its thoughts.

After such a dream, the sleeper should learn to distinguish his fantasy world from the real world.

The day of your death. A prophecy of a fateful dream?

death note

If someone dreams about the day, date, or time of death, the sleeping person will probably wonder if it was that fateful moment. However, numbers have a variety of meanings in dream analysis.

The time, day or date can also be interpreted in general as an awareness of the passage of time and as a reminder to appreciate the same thing.

Where did you dream about death?

Dreaming about death in the water

dream death in water

Water, death, drowning - dream experiences in which death occurs through water and over the fear of feeling, choking, can be very realistic. Although such a dream sometimes calls for particular caution in the real world, it is also considered a proclamation of possible happiness and wealth.

If one is resurrected in a dream, one can hope to make the acquaintance of a very honest and good person.

Dreaming of death in the bathtub

It sounds like a thriller: death in the bathtub. Whoever encounters this dream symbol in his sleep should be satisfied with what he has according to the general interpretation of dreams.

It is also important to ask yourself about the current life situation and whether there are any major changes that make sense at the present time.

Dreaming about death in the hospital

Night-time dream experiences, in which one may be accompanied by the emergency doctor as a patient in the hospital with a heart attack and finally dies of brain death, often have a surprisingly good meaning despite the depressing mood.

Death in hospital symbolizes the overcoming of serious and depressing worries. Anyone who wakes up with a great shock can soon breathe a sigh of relief!

Dreaming of death in an elevator

dream death elevator

Elevators make people suffering from claustrophobia feel oppressive anyway. If you have dreamed of a death in the elevator, a professional project is doomed to failure from the start.

The person concerned should reconsider his approach to professional projects: perhaps he has taken the wrong path.

Dreaming about death in a cold, freezing environment

If the dreamer freezes to death in the snow’s icy cold in the dream world, it first refers to his feelings. Because of the lack of emotional warmth that may have resulted from a change in life situation, these may currently be marked by loneliness and despair. Simultaneously, in the dreamy icy death, it is important not to trust every friend in reality blindly.

The most common causes of death in a dream and their meaning

Accidental death: the dream situation and its interpretation

dream car crash

Was the dream of death about the dream image "died in an accident", "died in a car accident" or "died in a motorcycle accident"? In the first case, it indicates a process of treatment in the subconscious mind.

Death in a car accident in a dream, on the other hand, can be understood as a warning that there is a lack of control in the real world and that one is behaving too recklessly. If a person has an accident with the motorcycle, the dream refers to his or her own diminishing assertiveness and diminishing strength.

Dreaming about death due to a disease

Suppose someone dies from an infection in the dream, such as cancer, a tumor or an infectious disease like smallpox. In that case, the person will eventually acquire the near future ability to move away from the permanent problems and constant stress in the waking world to solve. This may herald a bright future.

Death killed by his partner - when the dream treasure becomes a murderer

Being killed in a dream by the partner in a situation is often justified by the fear that the treasure may be angry or angry at the person in the dream because it may not have treated them well. If there are indeed reasons for this, an apology should be made to the partner to restore the harmonious balance. 

Dreaming about to be killed by a train accident

Death about a train can present itself to the dreamer in different dream experiences. He can be run over by the train but just as quickly die if a train derails. The interaction of death and training often lies in the interpretation of such dreams for personality development, which can be enhanced by new behavior in real life.

Dreaming about death and tsunamis

Because of the tsunami’s intensive media coverage, people often dream of tidal waves and death by the tsunami. Whoever has buried the deadly force of a surge in a dream unconsciously rebels against certain people or conditions. Usually, these are potent feelings that roll over the sleeper in the dream experience.

I have dreamed of death in war

dream war death

From the psychological interpretation of dreams, war is seen as a severe and challenging soul passage. If we bring this close to death, the soul of the dream is probably right in the conflict, but at the same time on the way to a new and higher stage. Death in war usually symbolized that something is coming to an end and a new beginning.

Violence and torture - two other causes of death in a dream

If violence is the cause of death and the sleeping person perceives the symbol of the dream "violence of death", he or she defends himself or herself internally against a current situation and wishes for change.

If the dreamer is killed by torture in the dream situation "torture of death", then the dreamer has a death sentence. If he or she is in great distress, he or she may eventually be freed from a great deal of distress.

Having a dream of apocalyptic death

If the great apocalypse appears in the dream as the cause of death, the incisive and serious events that may have been perceived by the person concerned as the end of the world are being processed by the subconscious mind at the moment.

This could possibly be a separation, but at the same time it is accompanied by a new beginning. The death of a loved one can also be a far-reaching experience.

Dreaming about the death of animals

What is the meaning of the death of animals in a dream?

Behind the dreamlike image "the death of the animals" is a sign that the time of instinctive and animal behavior is coming to an end and that we are displaying a more mature, more thoughtful behavior. The dream image "death of a pet" symbolizes a change towards less consolation and care, which the dreamer may not like.

Dreaming about the death of a dog

dream death dog

If we look at the dream symbol "death dog" from the perspective of the spiritual dream interpretation, the dog symbolizes the leader in the underworld. This leader’s death can be interpreted as a sign that someone, after a phase of life close to the abyss, is now experiencing a resurrection of the soul caused by his own strength.

At the same time, there may be significant changes in the person’s life, for example, a new partnership or a change of residence.

Was the cat dead in the dream world?

For the cat owner, the dead cat is an unfortunate affair, for the dream, however, it is a symbol that can be interpreted positively, as it makes him aware that he has won a victory over an opponent in the real world. This victory mae result from a private or professional conflict; for example, you got a job and outperformed a competitor.

Dream situation with dead horse

If a horse died in a dream, it might indicate a decrease in energy and passion. When a horse dies, this dream is also, according to the general interpretation, an indication of neglect of one's feminine personality.

The person concerned should not see these elements as weaknesses, but rather as strengths and encourage them; this includes empathy and exchange with other people.

"Raven Death" as a dream

A raven is often associated with bad luck and failure, but also with wisdom. If the dead bird now appears in a dream, it symbolizes freedom, lightness, and recklessness and is seen as a bearer of positive news.

It also heralds happy changes if necessary. If negative feelings play a role in the "dead raven" dream image, the dreamer must be wary of false friends and dark characters in reality.


Dreaming about death related to special events

Death and Resurrection

Beyond death and disappearance, someone can be alive again after the dream death. Experiencing a death-resurrection in the dream world has different meanings depending on the dream situation. These range from a turning point in life, to the respect you get from another person to a rekindled relationship. If you are in trouble, you can get out of it.

Dreams of death and rebirth

dream death and rebirth

Although death and death in a dream form the end first, what prevents the rebirth of a living being? Suppose you are reborn from your ashes as the mythical figure of the phoenix. In that case, the oppressive burdens accumulated in everyday life may disappear from the person concerned in times to come.

Come back! Dream death and reanimation

These are the dangers and problems that dreams of resuscitation warn the sleeping person about. Besides, resuscitation can also symbolically represent losses. There may be ongoing developments through which the dreamer may lose much. However, depending on the general interpretation of dreams, in the end, luck will be on his side.

Death and funerals - often intertwined, even in dreams

These are the dangers and problems that dreams of resuscitation warn the sleeping person about. Also, resuscitation can also symbolically represent losses. There may be ongoing developments through which the dreamer may lose much. However, depending on the general interpretation of dreams, in the end, luck will be on his side.


And tears flow: farewell, death and sorrow

Since death is usually a moving and sad affair, it is not surprising that symbols such as "death, sadness" and "death cries" appear in dream situations. If someone is grieving because of death, there is a chance that hopes and desires will soon come true. By crying over end in a dream, tension built up in the waking world is often released.

A coffin in a death dream

If one recognizes the dream image "death coffin" in the dream of death, this can be interpreted as a sign that one is aware of one's mortality. An open casket signals readiness for change, with the casket contents indicating in some cases where this change will develop.

Death and blood - what is behind this dream?

death blood dream

If you have had an experience with the dream symbol "blood of death" in your night dreams, this person most likely has a high degree of vitality and joy of life. This allows him or her to react positively to bad life changes and make changes themselves. Also, the dream of a bloody death can mean a beneficial change.

Death and corpse. Aspects that also go together in dreams

The encounter with a corpse or several corpses in a dream can lead the person concerned to wake up bathed in sweat, as it is usually a slightly less pleasant sight. If a deceased person appears in a dream, it may mean that the dreamer has been dissatisfied with his or her work for a long time, but may finally be able to start a more comfortable phase of life.

How do a dream death and a marriage go together?

Death and marriage embody the beginning but also end with the interpretation of the dream. So if the dream symbol "the death of marriage" appears in the invention, there is often the end of something old and the beginning of something new, which perhaps surpasses anything that has been experienced before and brings an entirely new perspective on things.


Death and pregnancy occur in a dream

For women, in particular, a dream of death and pregnancy is usually an extremely negative experience. Suffering from dying at birth, like stillbirth, represents excellent insecurity in the waking world. The dreamer fears failure to achieve their goals, but should not be discouraged by this fear.

Dreams of lost and dead teeth

The fact that some or even all of the teeth fall out occurs in many, many different dream situations, even when we dream of death. Dreamlike images of tooth loss signify the transition to a phase rich in loss, at the end of which there is the transition to a new and probably at the same time better stage of life.

The spirit of death appeared to me

Doubly frightening: a dream in which one could see death and ghosts! Indeed, in some dream contexts, a spirit can indicate a preoccupation with death. However, considering the individual dream situation, this dream can also be a warning about various things.

"Devil Death": a dreamlike symbol with a sinister meaning?

devil death dream

Looking at the general interpretation of dreams, we can see that the devil symbolizes, among other things, the fear of unknown sides of oneself. If possible, the dreamer should ask himself which side it is, because exactly these aspects of the personality will come to the forefront soon after a dream of death and the devil.

More dreams about death

Dreaming about death in a dark form

Anyone who has encountered death in person in their dreams and has been contrasted with the dream symbol "seeing death personified" may have been terrified in their sleep. If death occurs in the dream in the form of a dark figure or a walking corpse, it is important to pay attention to his or her behavior, because in this dream image, clues to his or her own hidden character traits may be expressed.


Death threat in a dream

The dream image, "the death of prophecy," represents the suspicion of the dream that something will soon change fundamentally in his life. Anyone who dreams of a message of death can understand it as a message from the soul to their own conscience. A death threat or death threat is a warning of tension in the real world.

Dreaming about an imminent death

dream about death

An imminent death makes the dreamer realize that the end of a chapter of life is coming. Can the person concerned escape death in the dream and therefore survive? This is an encouragement to face daily dangers.

Those who find themselves after their dreamed death in the seemingly heavenly sky can have delighted times ahead of them. If you find yourself in hell in a dream, you must be careful not to harm other people in the future.

In insidiousness and betrayal are aspects often associated with the vision of evil punishment.

Unexpected tragedy. Sudden death in dreams

If you are dealing with a sudden death in a dream, life has an unexpected turn in store for the sleeper. When interpreting this dream, the feelings during the dream event must be taken into account, because they can give conclusions about how this turn develops: if death is not perceived as bad, a development will turn for the better - and vice versa.

 When a cruel death could be seen in a dream

Was it a cruel and agonizing death that you encountered in your dreams? If so, this dream situation may indicate a treatment process that began in the subconscious mind. Through dream torture to death, grief and worry are often treated. Only in rare cases is it a physical illness that causes pain in everyday life.

That's it: all dead in a dream

If everyone has died in night dreams, a lack of social contact and exchange with other people may be hidden behind them. On the other hand, the person concerned may want more peace and quiet because they are overwhelmed by the tasks assigned to them in the world of awakening. In addition, seeing many dead people may indicate that a change is to be expected.


Dream symbol "dead" - the general interpretation

If death or even one's death becomes a subject in the dream, the threshold from the ordinary dream to the nightmare is quickly crossed, from which the dream wakes up frightened. If Grim Reaper appears in our dreams, we can also feel the feeling within us in the dream that the Angel of Death is reaching us.

In the general interpretation of dreams, however, death does not have the symbolism of the coming end of a loved one, but rather the end of a particular chapter in a person's life. Whether it is a finished love, which the dream did not want to admit until now in this form, or a radical change in the person's previous living conditions: the dream can help the dreamer to end the last chapter.

If you see symbols in the dream that are related to the end of life, you should also interpret these dream images step by step the next morning and assemble the dream puzzle at the end. For example, for enemies and people with dishonest intentions, the gravedigger faces you - this can be a warning. A shroud in the dream usually symbolizes that you want to hide your true identity in waking life. The morgue often represents the fears you have about your death.

If the dreamer becomes a victim of a lynching in his sleep and therefore dies, he may face the unpleasant consequences of his actions. If you try to protect yourself in a death dream with a gas mask, you should generally be careful not to be insulted. Death in the dream can also be represented by the black part of the yin-yang symbol. You can read more about this in the dream picture "Yin Yang".


Dream symbol "death" - psychological interpretation

In the dream, the symbolism of death has the meaning of a change so that it can be understood psychologically as the treatment of the brain with the changed situation. At the same time, the end of a chapter represents the beginning of a new section, so that the dream of death helps the person concerned to adapt to this new situation.

The symbolism of death can also be seen as an insurmountable obstacle, the so-called "point of no return", which occupies the dream in sleep.

If you see a skull in a dream, this symbol indicates professional success or financial gain. 

In relation to the diagonally crossed bones, however, the skull indicates a hiding danger. Think carefully about all the actions of the watchmaking world! You will have much more information by visiting this blog What Does Skull Represent In Dreams


Dream symbol "death" - the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual realm, the symbol of death is seen as the part of life that the dreamer has not yet consciously perceived or to which he is unconsciously striving. This can be seen in the form of omniscience, resurrection or reintegration into a generality to which man once belonged and no longer does.

The symbolism of death can also be seen as a spiritual symbol of rebirth and the beginning of a new chapter. There are many dream situations in which the dreamer may encounter the end as the main theme. The farewell to a loved one who does not necessarily have to be divorced from life. All these situations can occur in the field of dream interpretation through a dreamed death.

Are you ready to explore the world of dreams?

We were able to explore together all the possibilities (or almost) of this vast subject, which is the dream of death. One should not consider such dreams as nightmares, even if sometimes they are frightening. Often they carry important messages for the dreamer, knowing how to interpret them to anticipate the change in one's own life is essential.

In the end, the symbolism of death in the dream can be seen as a symbol of change, which however should not be in the future, but rather may have already happened. Very rarely does death manifest itself in the form of a figure that directly threatens the dreamer.

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