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How To Wear A Skull Ring ?

There is no doubt that biker gang members look like tough guys. However, to be that tough, you have to be able to adapt to the right outfit. That's why you must know how to wear skull rings, how to complete your business, and what style suits you best. But if you don't have the time to find out, you can immediately go and see one of our best skull rings, the one that goes everywhere and in every situation! 

1) How many Skull Rings Should You Wear?


Men are quite conservative, just like men's fashion. Pictures of celebrities or rock stars with rings on all their fingers make them look cool, but they are stars. Although
biker culture is the opposite of conservatism, few people can afford to be full-time bikers. Many men have a reasonably regular job where the abundance of rings would look ridiculous. However, one should not think that one can wear nothing but a wedding ring. The standards allow 2 or 3 rings on both hands.

Interesting fact: in most countries it is customary to wear wedding rings on the ring finger. Some people wear them on their right hand, others on their left hand. This is due to the division of Christians into Orthodox and Catholic.


Given the dominant hand, it is thought that the right hand is intended for work and the left hand for skull and crossbones. It is the opposite; This does not impose strict limits but keeps in mind that you could accidentally damage your dominant hand’s rings. If you're a fighting warrior, a punch with a ringed hand can cause even more damage to you than to your opponent. Therefore, when choosing a skull and crossbones ring, be guided by the hand that you use less actively.


2) How to Match Skull Rings with your outfits

The skull jewelry fits perfectly with all the elements of the biker style. Just look at a motorcycle. It is full of chrome metal parts and leather. That's what bikers wear: leather and steel. So when you're in the middle of thinking about what to wear, just choose jewelry that matches the event and you'll be fine.


The situation regarding ordinary clothes is a little more delicate. Luckily, massive skull and crossbones go well with casual style. If you like to wear ordinary dark jeans with a T-shirt or flannel shirt, your biker rings won't look shady. On the other hand, skulls go well with other jewelry, like
leather bracelets or silver skull necklaces.
By the way, silver rings make a great duo with a silver wallet chain or belt buckle.

It is much more challenging to match skull and crossbones rings with a professional wardrobe. However, there is a little trick: you can try to combine them with cufflinks, a tie clip or a skull watch. Maybe you should give up massive rings, as they tend to attract all the attention. A better option is to opt for a ring instead.


If you still want to introduce your biker nature elements into the business world, you can complete your look with other ornaments, for example, with bracelets or necklaces. They can always be hidden under your clothes if you are going to an important business event. However, you will always feel that they are with you.

3) Choosing a skull ring: the morphology of fingers

When choosing a ring, consider the size of your palm and the shape of your fingers. Modern men's fashion allows jewelry to be worn on any finger, including the little finger and thumb.

If you have long, thin fingers, it's best to choose wide but not thick rings. You should select large rings and rings with a solid texture.

Massive and elegant skull rings are good for short, thick fingers. Large and giant rings will emphasize the specificity of these fingers. You should be aware that you should choose a slightly narrower ring. A well-fitting ring will give the impression of cutting the finger, visually reducing a short phalanx even more.


If you have average hand size, you are lucky. You can try on and wear rings of any texture, shape and size. And if you're looking for even more details, you can check out the methods for choosing a ring based on the form of your hand.

4) Which way should a skull ring face ?

There is no 100% correct "rule" on the orientation of your ring from the outset. Most men wear a ring in such a way that it is clearly visible to onlookers, i.e. the direction of the ring is facing outwards, towards other people. However, bikers are not "most men". Indeed, what is practiced by civilians is not necessarily appreciated by motorcycle enthusiasts.


By now, you should know how many rings you can wear, which fingers you can wear a ring on, how to combine your skull rings with the rest of your outfit, and how to choose your skull ring according to your morphology. We even published an article on the best reasons to wear skull and crossbones jewelry. 

However, nowhere on the Internet is there any information on how a skull & crossbones ring should be oriented. In the meantime, the way you wear your skull ring will determine the message you wish to convey to others. Let's fill this gap and talk about the skull’s symbolism when your ring points inward and outward.

5) The Ring Turned Outward or Inward : What Meaning ?


Before putting a skull ring on your finger, you should ask yourself what it means to you personally. Depending on your answer, wear your skull ring either pointing towards others or pointing inward.

If a ring is a means of expression, an accessory that defines your style and is a link between the different elements of your outfit, then you should wear it so that it faces others. In the end, a silver skull ring is proof that you are fashionable, sturdy and dashing, so you owe it to yourself to prove it, to prove it to society.

If a ring has a sentimental meaning or if it has a purpose that is clear only to you, it is best to wear it so that it faces you. For example, you may have received the ring as a gift from a friend, another member of your club, or it is in honor of a classmate who left too soon.... In this case, you are the only person to whom the ring is meant, so the skull should look you straight in the eye.


If you are a member of a biker gang and wear a ring as part of a badge, then the skull should face outwards. Everyone needs to know which club you belong to. That's why you need to make it easy for people to see your ring and distinguish what is shown and written on it. Also, if you have a grudge against other biker groups, you need to wear a ring so that it is the last thing your opponent sees when your fist hits him in the face; again, your ring should be able to communicate that.

If it is customary in your club to wear your rings the other way around, then it is only fair to wear it like your fellow riders do. You must respect the traditions and customs of your gang. This should be the "Code" or the common way of wearing rings.


If, for any reason, you find that this direction is not practical or if, for personal reasons, you wish to reverse the direction of a skull and crossbones ring, it will not hurt to talk to the club president or leader. Then you can explain your motivation or disruption to the club president or leader. If your reasons are convincing, he or she should agree to let you wear your ring in your own way.

If you're looking for skull rings and other skull jewelry, you've come to the right place! We offer a wide selection of steel, silver and leather jewelry to satisfy even the most demanding customers. All our products have a modern and captivating design.

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I thought your article was very informative…I have a skull ring that was given to me by a dear friend and for some reason I’ve always felt I should wear it facing me but I thought it might look strange to others. Your article proved that it was meant for no one other to appreciate other than myself in this specific circumstance. Thank you for reinforcing my feeling. Keep up the good work.
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