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Since antiquity, human beings have always been interested and curious about what death, mortality, represents. Many fantasies about death have emerged and have fuelled the debates of many communities. This growing interest has led to the discovery of remains of what could be considered art, belonging to antiquity, of human bones, skull representations and the famous skull symbol drawing on walls. As modern art has developed, however, this interest in the skull and crossbones is still present. Today, you're going to find out how you can draw your own skull and crossbones. And if you're just looking for a good way to decorate your interior, then without delay, go and see our best decorative skulls, like this one.

A) How to Draw a Realistic Skull Head?

1) Begins with an oval for the top of the skull and a rectangular shape for the jaw. Draw them big enough to take up all the space.

2) Adds two small circles for the eyes and a teardrop shape for the nose.

3) Now add a smile under the main oval and a semicircle on each side of the skull to make the ears.

4) Re-draw it. superior jaw as on the example. Round out the cheekbones and bend them upwards towards the top of the skull.

5) Now redraw it. inferior jaw. Adds a curve on the inside of each side to see how far the jaw will meet the teeth. Be careful to keep the sides fairly rough, as bones are never perfectly smooth.

6) Then trace the upper skull. Then, again, make sure you don't make it too smooth because it will never be as realistic as the real bone shapes.

7) Re-draws eye contours to shape the eyes les orbites. Add a small shape inside each orbit to mark the place we're going to make darker later. Come around the nose. The nose has an internal bone to separate the nostrils. Try to follow the example perfectly to help you later.

8) Here's the turn of the teeth. Normally, the upper jaw has 16 teeth. Start with the right side of the upper jaw and then draw the reflection of each tooth on the other side of the upper jaw. Repeat for the lower jaw.

9) Now we'll take care of the details. Add lines to show where we're going to draw the eyebrow arches.
Adds more lines on the inside of the cheekbones to see where they curve inward.
Above and below the teeth, lines are added to show where the teeth have grown, inside the jaw. We advise you not to forget them, they really make a difference. You can even add more lines for more details.

10) All good! Moving on to skull colors. Skull and bones are never really white. In fact, calcium makes the bones slightly yellowish-grey. 

11) We advise you to choose an iron grey. A skull is never really white. Add some very dark grey, almost black, inside the nose and in the dark areas of the eye sockets.

12) Adds skull shadow for a little more volume. Make sure you figure out in advance where the light source will shine from to direct the light shadows and reflections.

13) If you followed the steps correctly, after drawing your skull, the end result should look like this: 

So are you happy with the result? 

B) How to Draw a Pirate Skull Head

At various times and in various places, the skull and crossbones symbol has been associated with several meanings evoking different concepts.
Throughout history as well as popular culture and beliefs, this symbol appeared on a black flag. This flag indicated that the ship waving it was an pirate ship. Then this image was taken up again to be the emblem or the banner of certain fraternities, university movements, sometimes military groups, or even secret societies such as the Skull and Bones Company.

In Spanish-speaking cultures, it is sometimes used to mark the entrance to a cemetery. On a product's packaging, the skull and crossbones symbol means that there is a danger. The product in question can be toxic or even deadly. Therefore, it must be handled with care.

You want to be able to draw a skull with crossbones ? We've prepared a step-by-step method for you to use in your notebook, for example. All you will need is a piece of paper and an object with which you can draw a skull and crossbones worthy of a real Pirate Flag. You can use a marker, pencil, pen or even a marker. We still recommend that you use a pencil for your first few tries so that you can erase and start over the details you've missed.

As you follow this drawing guide, you will notice that each step is
accompanied by an illustration. And in each illustration, each new line that will be drawn during the stage will be blue, while the lines drawn previously will remain black. Make a light sketch first, without pressing hard on the pencil lead, because you will be led to erase some of the first lines, called guide lines, as you complete your drawing.

1) Start by drawing a circle

2) Adds a curved line starting from the inside of the previous circle, extending it to below the circle.

3) Draw a line symmetrical to the previous line on the opposite side to draw the other cheekbone of the skull.

4) Erases the arc between the two curved lines.

5) Draw another curve extending downwards from the middle of the first curve serving as a cheekbone.

6) Again, draw the line symmetrical to the previous line.

7) Draw a line connecting the ends of the two previous lines to make the lower jaw.

8) For draw the teeth, you have to draw a curve in the middle of the lower part of the skull first. That curve should look like a smile. 

9) Now draw teeth above the last curved line. For each tooth, draw an upside down U-shaped curve. Repeat this process until eleven teeth are created by overlapping them. The two front teeth, the incisors, should be the largest. The further to the sides, the smaller the teeth become.

10) Still using the "U" shape, draw the lower teeth to mirror the upper teeth.

11) Draw the left eye by sketching the shape of a circle.

12) Then the second circle to do the right eye.

13) Under the two eyes, vulgarly draws an irregular egg shape to represent the nasal cavity

14) Inside this cavity, draw two curved lines to represent the separation of the nostrils. These lines start from the middle of the top of the cavity and extend on each side of the cavity.

15) The skull's ready. We'll now take care of the cross bones. Draw the bone extending from the upper right side. To begin, draw a large "U"-shaped line upside down. Next, draw another U-shaped line, open to the left. Connect this line to the skull with a slightly curved line.

16) Draw the other end of this os of tibia bottom left. Use two curved lines to form this bone. Each line should be approximately the shape of the top of a question mark.

17) Draw the bone from bottom right using two curves, as before.

18) Now trace the bone on the upper left side. This should be the mirror reflection of the bone on the right side, composed of three U-shaped curves.

19) From now on, you have to darken every eye shape, to have shadow in the eye sockets. Also darken the upper part of the nasal cavity.

20) To finish in beauty, erase the lower central part of the nasal cavity. Taskeleton head is finally ready !

You end up with a real skull and crossbones worthy of the flags biggest pirates. Come find our best flags to decorate your room like a real pirate. 

Skull Pirate

C) 3 Ways to Draw a Skull Step by Step

1) A Realistic Skull

Draw the top half of a circle.

Add two lines, one inside each side of the circle. Start the lines inside the circle and bend them slightly outside the circle.

Extending these two lines, draw two new lines (one on each side) by bringing the angle of the lines downwards and slightly inwards. These lines will form the cheekbones of the skull.

Finish the rounding of the cheekbones by bringing the lines towards the centre and then downwards.

Connects the two sides by a straight, slightly curved line. This will be the bottom of the teeth.

Under the cheekbones, draw a wide "U"-shaped line connecting one cheekbone to the other, going over the lines that were drawn in step 4. This line will form the tops of the teeth.

Between the lines drawn in steps 6 and 7, draw another parallel line. This line will be the middle of the teeth.

Draw several small lines from top to bottom along the centre line to form the teeth. Now your skull is smiling !

Under the cheekbones, next to the lines you drew in step 6, draw two lines (one on each side) that go down and slope inward.

Connect these 2 lines with a new curved line in the shape of an elongated "U". You just made the jaw of your head, it's almost over !

Above the teeth, draw two almost triangular shapes between the cheekbones to make nostrils.

Above the nostrils, make two large circles for draw the orbits of the skull.

2) Drawing a Sugar Skull

Start by drawing a slightly flat circle on the bottom, which almost looks "crushed".

At the bottom of the circle, start inside the circle on one side and draw a graceful "U" shape that goes down and then up inside the circle on the other side. This will be the outline of the teeth.

Between the bottom of the circle and the line you just drew in step 2, draw a parallel line to separate the two rows of teeth.

Draw lines up and down to make teeth.

Draw a line on each side of the mouth parallel to it.

Draw a curve connecting the two lines you just drew in step 5. This line must be parallel to the mouth to form the jaw.

Above the teeth, draw two shapes of water drops to make the nostrils.

Finally draw the two eyes. The skull is now finished !

3) Draw a Mexican Skull

Start drawing a circle, but be careful to leave a wide opening at the bottom.

On either side of the open circle, draw a line that slopes gently down.

Connect the two ends of these lines. This forms the lower jaw line.

Above the line drawn in step 3, a parallel line is drawn above it to represent the middle of the teeth.

At the top of the line drawn in step 4, draw a series of inverted "U" shapes to form the top row of teeth.

On the other side of the middle line, draw another series of "U's" to form the bottom row of teeth.

Above the upper row of teeth, draw two shapes of water drops for the nostrils.

Draw 2 big eyes. It's over! Easy, huh?

Obviously, these little skulls won't be enough to decorate an entire room in your house. For that, we have a complete collection of skull decorative.

 You're sure to find one that suits your taste!

Decorative Skull Heads

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