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Fashion trend of the skull

Have you ever noticed anyone wearing skull fashion trend jewelry? Or maybe clothes like t-shirts with different human or animal skull patterns? You may be wondering if this is a fashion? 

Skulls have been part of the fashion world since the dawn of time, in the form of jewelry such as crowns, rings, or necklaces from ancient times to the present day. The skull has always been a great symbol, and some individuals have adopted it to express their uniqueness.

Dear readers, welcome to Skull Action, the place where passionate enthusiasts like you do their best to offer you quality content. Today, we will explore the human skull symbol in the world of clothing and jewelry. In this blog, you will discover :

  • The evolution of the meaning of the skull symbol through beliefs and history.
  • The skull, the most potent enemy symbol ever.
  • The Skull symbol and the emotion of love.
  • The Skull symbol and the evolution of the jewelry.

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The Evolution Of The Meaning Of Skull

From time immemorial, the ancient peoples recognized an upper and lower world and the existence of a connection or "gateway" between the world of the living and the dead. Many nations of the world believe that during some celebrations (like the dead in Mexico)  the "gates" between the worlds are opened.

For example, the Skull Jewelry symbolizes the state of open "gates" between the upper and lower worlds. The skull is a symbol of the lower world, and the living human wearing the sign is the upper.

The weakening of the Christian church’s influence and the availability of information leads to a change in the emotional attitude towards many traditional symbols of fear. For example, such as a skull. Today, the skull image is actively used by world-famous brands and unknown manufacturers of consumer goods.

Jewelry by the Luxury Jewelry Brand is made for young people aged 25 - 40 years, for whom the "skull" is more likely to be cute than scary. 
Sometimes it’s a symbol of strength; for example, the Skull pendant has the power of an amulet and can be used as a Talisman for the benefit of its owner

skull crafted design

The Skulls And The Enemy Symbol

The cult of the skull played a prominent role in the military rituals of the Scythian tribes: they drank the blood of the first killed enemy, presented the heads of enemies to the king when demanding their share of the booty, used scalps as scarves, sewed skirts from them and decorated skulls. These seemingly barbaric customs are based on the idea that the head is a divine immortal gift.👻

It is believed that in the skull of a human, the abilities were given to a person and the meaning of his life were laid, which the winner wanted to transfer to himself to protect and resist misfortune. As you know, the Scythians did not stand on ceremony for a long time with their personal enemies. 🍷


 If a Scythian sometimes even killed his neighbor or relative, he sawed off his skull. The upper part of the skull was thoroughly cleaned and washed out, after which a drinking bowl was made from it; For this, half of the skull was covered with rawhide, and the rich Scythians decorated it on top with gold or silver plates.

On holidays, such bowls were taken out of storage and displayed in front of guests to remind them that the owner had many enemies, but he managed to defeat them all.

Thus, he warned his guests that it was better not to quarrel with him. When a person drank from such a vessel, he, along with the drink contained in it, absorbed the vitality stored in the skull. 

We can find examples of such a custom even from Russian history. The Laurentian Chronicle informs about the death of the famous Russian prince Svyatoslav Igorevich on the Dnieper rapids: “And smoking attacked him, prince of Pechenezh; and they killed Svyatoslav, and cut off his head, and made a cup out of the skull, bound the skull (with silver), and afterward they drank from it. "


Skull In Trend And Emotions

 What makes a skull in vogue? The first images of skulls on Alexander McQueen’s scarves appeared in 2003 and became iconic. For more than ten years now, we have seen their lovely smiles on so many things we wear and love.
skull as a symbolic image is used so massively that it is not worth going into an analytical listing of famous and unknown designers who produce them for popular culture. ❤️

   Can you explain the popularity of skull prints? Humanity is influenced by pop culture, and guided only by the herd instinct, will dress anything.
Remember the fairy tale about the naked king. But it is not enough to climb to the top, and it is much more difficult to resist it. The skull as a raw image demonstrates this stability to us for a very long time (from the fashion trend point).


The popularity of the skull among extreme lovers is understandable. The skull helps in the fight against their sense of self-preservation. In the event of a confrontation, it knocks out the opponent and contributes to the rise of their fighting spirit.

We are all afraid of death, and here HE, devoid of skin, eyes, so otherworldly, and after all, he belonged to someone.
Now he is dead, the owner has reached the point of no return ... BUT there is an equally probable opportunity to find after overcoming this threshold as universal happiness, eternal suffering, or not receiving anything or anything, or even simply cease to exist. That's the romance. UNKNOWN, whatever it may be, will always attract a person to itself, and death is one of the
greatest mysteries that can only be solved in one way. ☠️

It is not easy to notice the beauty of the forms that awaken animal instincts. You need to overcome both upbringing and "knowledge" inspired by the media and your opinion.

animal skull

Skull symbol in jewelry:

Since 2003-2005, the manufacture of precious skulls by world-famous brands: Alexander McQueen, Dior Fine Jewelry, Grimoldi Milano, Stephen Webster, and Shaune Lean continues to generate active discussion of the "cemetery theme". Quite unflattering words go to manufacturers who decided to make sultry funerary collections.
 In the hands of a jeweler, a human skull turns into a ring, earrings, a keychain, a tie clip, a pendant and even a long sautoir (in this case, not one skull, but a whole bunch of skulls).

You can find different degrees of dramatic intensity - from smiling, funny, with a rose in the skulls’ teeth to gloomy pathetic. Today, jewelry gothic has already turned from a popular trend into one of the jewelry design areas, and it is unlikely that jewelers are "undertakers"who bury their precious trifles.


Looking back, it is worth noting that the precious "Cranial" story turned out to be one of the most notorious since the beginning of the XXI century. In our opinion, this story undoubtedly has a continuation. There are several reasons:

  1. Modern man needs support and protection, and in connection with the weakening of the church’s influence, he looks for this in an archaic image, which is filled with the collective unconscious.
  2. Technology of jewelry production, finally, allows you to create rather quickly (SG modeling) unique jewelry. This means that jewelry design has gone out to the masses and does not serve only the elite of society. Mass customization requires new, varied, and professionally developed ideas. The trend’s ten-year stability suggests that this topic is in demand by a relatively large group of people.

Are you ready to transform your wardrobe?

Here we are at the end of this article; we have seen together how the skull symbol has been integrated into the human being's clothing appearance through time and periods. Indeed, the skull is a powerful symbol that can hold many meanings.
It is usually challenging to explain the effect felt when your eyes fall on a skull collar or a skull t-shirt, for example.

 In any case, one thing is sure, anyone who wears the skull symbol, be it in jewelry or clothing, will be able to testify and tell you how powerful it makes you feel. 💪🏻

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