what does 13 mean on a biker vest

What Does "13" Mean On A Biker Vest?

During the early years, it was important for the bikers to wear the biker vest. It was essential not just because of the unique look, but it signified something more than that. Bikers wear it for protection purposes and as well for their outlaw life. A biker vest can be worn in different ways and is made up of either pure leather or durable denim material.

Onto those vests, it was crucial to sew your biker's club logo or patch number. It was done, so you can be identified as a biker and represent your bike club. There are different patch numbers with several meanings. Therefore, today we will be discussing what does the number 13 means on a biker vest?

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What does "13" mean on a biker vest? 

Many kinds of logos and numbers can be seen sewed on a biker vest. All the numbers have different meanings, and each number represents the biker. The most famous shape and numbers that the bikers from the outlaw society use are the diamond shape and a log shape.

Bikers who use diamond or log shape are the ones that consider themselves rare and apart from the rest of the bikers. Similarly, the number 13 also has its meaning and importance in the world of a motorcycle club.

The patch number 13 on a biker club means that since the alphabet M is at the 13th number, you can refer to marijuana or meth in the biker club or the world. This number can signify the original mother of the motorcycle club. It is what the number 13 means on a biker vest.

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Why do the bikers wear vests, and why is it important? 

After mentioning the importance and meaning of the number "13" means, or where does it stand in the biker club world, we will discuss why bikers wear vests? 

There are several reasons for wearing a vest as a motorcycle club member, and some of the core reasons are specified below.

  • Bikers have a reputation to maintain

Believe it or not but bikers have a tremendous reputation to maintain in the outlaw society. And among its members as well. 

Therefore, to maintain and tell others from which biker club they belong, bikers must wear their vests. Wearing a vest will make you crucial only if you are a biker without faking it.

  • A biker who does not wear the biker vest is not be taken seriously by the others bikers around, especially if he/she is new in a biker club.
  • Wearing a vest will make you feel like a proud biker and will maintain your image and dignity. It will also make you a reputable member of a motorcycle club.
  • It highlights their culture.

Like the cultural clothes, food, and jewelry, a biker club also has its own culture. To highlight their culture to the world, the bikers wear their vests. Wearing biker vests seems like a ritual in the biker society

It gives a better idea to the common people that the bikers are proud of being members of the outlaw society. A true and enthusiastic biker will always remember to wear a vest no matter what happens. It is how crucial the vests are for bikers. Thus, if you want to dress like a biker, you should take a look at this special biker dressing article.

  • Apart from the culture, it is also stylish.

It is believed and accepted by the commoners that bikers' vests are very relaxed and stylish. Many people who are not even bikers wish to wear vests independently, but this can be not easy.

However, a biker vest can be styled in many ways. Many wear their vests or prefer their vests in pure leather material. Some bikers also like to wear denim biker vests. It can be worn with different kinds of shirts and jeans that can give a whole complementing look.

Many bikers wear their vests in leather material because it is cool and stylish, but it is also very comfortable to wear compared to other vests.

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What are the different grades or ranks in a biker club? 

Every club has its ranks, and each holds some significant importance with its description and meaning.

Similarly, there are a few of the ranks in the biker world. Some of the most popular ones are specified below.

  1. Founder
  2. President
  3. Vice president
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer
  6. Road captain
  7. SGT at Arms
  8. Members 
  9. Prospect

The above-specified points are the ranks that are known in the world of a biker club.

How to identify a biker's club rank and position? 

After knowing the ranks present within the biker club, it is crucial to know or identify the status and position within the club. The most common and easiest way to locate or determine any other biker club, rank, or place is by their patch numbers.

Like if a biker is wearing patch number 13 sewed onto their vest, they may be consumers of marijuana. It can also mean that they like smoking. Since the 13 number on a biker vests means the same way, it is therefore known to highlight users of marijuana. 

Bikers who wear number 13 on their biker vest are either the consumers of marijuana or are involved in selling it to others.

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Is it necessary to wear numbers or patches on biker vests?

If you are a reputable member of a well-known bike club, it is crucial to wear the club's vest.

Wearing vests with a number on them will signify your rank within the outlaw society.

It will help maintain a biker's image, and it will be easier to get identified among other biker clubs or their members. You can't wear other biker club logos if you are not a part of their club.

Final Remarks:

The above-specified points briefly explain the importance and meaning of 13 on biker vests. You can get the details about the facts as their basis to understand these facts.

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The “Diamond 13” originaly comes from the 13 Californian Motorcycle Racing clubs that broke away from the AMA , and became listed as Outlaw Racing Clubs …many of these then used the Diamond 1% later to replace the Diamond 13….Here in England in the late 50’s early 60’s my Father rode and raced a Matchless, and wore a flying jacket with a ‘Diamond 13’ on it, no other patch just that…. when I was Prospecting in the early 80’s he told me the California Racing story as the Origin of the Diamond 13, and when I started Racing gave me his Diamond 13 for my cutoff.

Wayne Danewood

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