Why do gangsters love skulls

Why do gangsters love skulls?

The obsession with skulls is increasing with time, and the people who love skulls are called cranomaniac. The skull of a human has been accentuated with different kinds of messages. Few people related it with death that e all will die one day, and on the other hand, it is also correlated with the beauty of death.

What makes gangsters obsessed with skulls?

Skulls have become an obsession for the gangsters, and they use them in different ways by wearing skull tattoos, chains of skulls, tee shirts of skulls, or stickers of skulls on their bikes. Many reasons make the gangsters obsessed with the skulls. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Celebration of life
  2. A symbol of danger
  3. Representing rebellious and courageous self
  4. Believe in Momento Mori

Let’s look at the details below.

Celebration of life


The first reason that causes bikers and gangsters obsessed with skulls is that they consider skulls the celebration of life. They consider that it reminds them of death, so they enjoy every moment of their life. It makes the gangsters fascinated by the skulls. That's why they end up buying jewelry, clothes, logos on their bikes, or the crossbones skulls.

A symbol of danger


The skull is a symbol of hostility and danger, and gangsters enjoy danger. They love living in a danger zone. They find beauty in the danger zone and death. The symbol of skulls gives the sense of danger in a very natural way. The skulls make them think that death is getting near, and they enjoy that.

Representing rebellious and courageous self

The skull represents the personality traits of the gangsters. As gangsters find themselves courageous and think they are rebellious, they use skulls to define their trait. The skulls show that they are extremely cool. Skulls by them are used to persuade their rivals that they are dangerous or the danger is coming. 

The feeling of brotherhood 

gangster brotherwood

The skull symbol brings the intellect of brotherhood among the gangsters. This symbol brings cohesion, harmony, and a sense of unity among the gang group. A group is tied up in their unity, and the unity of gangsters is built by the sign of a skull. They use a different shape of skulls or design of skulls, which shows that they are part of a particular group. 

Believe in Momento Mori

The skulls also portray the gothic culture. The gangsters who belong to the gothic culture use the fundamental symbol of their culture, i.e., the skull, in their gangster lifestyle as well. The gothic gangsters also believe that life should be celebrated. They believe in "Momento Mori." This reminds you that you will die one day, so they live their life to the fullest.

Last thoughts

Gangsters are captivated by the skulls. They love skulls in every form, from posters to tattoos and from rings to tee shirts. Some love colorful skulls, and some love the outlined ones. The skulls portray the message of death and danger mainly.

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