Why do Mexicans love skulls?

If you visit Mexico for the first time, you will notice one thing strange there. It will be the use of skulls in abundance. One may think that having skulls as tattoos is a common thing as they look cool. However, the skulls in Mexican culture are not limited only to tattoos.

These are present in most things, especially those related to traditions and culture. Apart from this, skulls are also highlighted in Mexican art. So, why do Mexicans love skulls? Well, the skulls are not only a part of their art these days, but these skulls hold high value for the Mexicans, and here we will be discussing the love of Mexicans for skulls?


Why do Mexicans love skulls?

When you visit Mexico, you will find that they have skulls and their pictures on almost everything. The Mexicans love to have these on nearly everything from the wall art to the fridge magnets, beach bags, and ceramic sculptures. Upon some research, you will find that these skulls are related to the day of the dead. Although there is nothing wrong with this information, there is a lot more going on between Mexicans and skulls.

The day of the dead.

The skulls symbolize death or dead people, and there is something strange when it comes to death in Mexico. While it is spent with mourning and shunning in the whole world, in Mexico, death is celebrated, and it is their daily part of life.

The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico, where they celebrate the life of deceased loved ones. The celebration is not like any other celebration; Here, altars are built. Additionally, the favorite things of the dead are placed in the form of offerings. These include the following things:

  1. Candies
  2. Sugar skulls
  3. Chocolate skulls


Confectionery in the shape of skulls and a lot more

Although this was the reason for skulls being loved by the Mexicans because they are used for the celebration of the life of their deceased loved ones. A fascinating fact about this day of the dead that also confuses a lot of people around the world is that it is the celebration of the life of the deceased ones, not the celebration of their death.

But what makes the Mexicans love skulls so much that they decorate them for this special event? The skulls here are not used as a morbid symbol. Those are used as the fanciful reminder of the cycle of life. As the event is a celebration instead of sorrow, people decorate these skulls beautifully.

Things have gotten very different with several incidents. An incident gave skulls and skeletons a political value in Mexico, and here is all about it.


Publication of Posada's illustrations of the skulls

Although the image of the skeleton was already very much loved by the Mexicans, the publication of Posada's illustrations of the skull changed things a lot. Due to this publication, the skeleton got a whole different level of meaning for Mexicans. After this event happened, the skull or skeleton got political and social importance because it represented the feelings of the people who led the Mexican revolution.

The importance of Posada for Mexican art

The participation of Jose Guadalupe Posada in making Mexicans love skulls is not limited here. Apart from these publications, he is very well known for his contributions to Mexican modern art. Although he practiced several types of art during his career, the involvement of skulls in his artwork inspired many new artists because the way he portrayed the heads in different themes was significant. It is also the reason Posada is a tremendous name in Mexican folk art.


Who is Jose Guadalupe Posada What is he famous for?

He is considered the first modern artist in Mexican history as he broke the stereotypes of art. He brought the difference in the field of art to break away from the academic form of painting. It happened in the era of Porfirio Diaz. It was when most of the artists were following the European values for their inspiration of art.

However, Posada kept his focus on the Mexican culture for his art and illustrated the everyday issues and events happening in Mexico. It was the reason behind his paintings and illustrations being posted in Mexican magazines, and he got a lot of fame.

This fame was how he led the Mexican revolution in the time of illiteracy, as most people were illiterate and were unable to read the articles. Still, they were able to get the meaning out of the illustrations Posada portrayed. All of this made Posada very important for Mexicans, and his relationship with skulls made people love skulls as well.


The importance of "La Catrina" for Mexicans

While you are learning a lot of new facts about Mexicans loving skulls, it is another reason why do Mexicans love skulls? In Mexican culture, they make fun of almost everything in an amicable and lovely way. Well, the same goes for the event of death. 

In Mexican culture, La Catrina is a female Calavera skull, and it is the one that makes you when you die. Her image is portrayed as a pretty skull with a beautiful hat on her head instead of being all spooky and frightening. So, instead of hating this skull, the Mexicans honor it and love it for celebrating the life of the deceased loved ones. It is another reason for the Mexicans loving skulls so much.



Wherever you go in the world, you will see that skulls are not considered a good thing. In most places, the skulls are used to elaborate danger while they are widely used as a sign of death and harm. So, whenever someone new visits Mexico, it is somewhat strange and frightening for them seeing that Mexicans have skulls and skeletons involved so much in their lives.

They love skulls so much that you can see some people using them as decoration items. So, why do Mexicans love skulls? Well, there are several reasons behind this, as the skulls and skeleton hold revolutionary and historical values along with traditional and cultural values. Here we were elaborating on some of these things about why do Mexicans love skulls.

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