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Skull Booties

Skull Booties

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Ladies! you should get yourself these beauties! These skull booties are unique and will match all of your summer outfits, perfect with a black dress with flowers! As you may have noticed, they have a magnificent design all over them, starting with the main color of the shoes being the navy blue present on all it, except for the heel loop, the lacets system and the outsole that are black, and on the rest, there are multiple sugar skeleton heads, and they are all different and surrounded by shiny flowers.

In addition to that, this beautiful masterpiece is made out of the best products available on the market, so get yourself these boots for amazing comfort and security, because of the thick bottom to let you feel safe!

  • Highly accurate detail print.
  • Original skull design, not available in store.
  • Ultra durable and weatherproof
  • Shoes size from 7 to 10,5 US 
  • Material : Rubber sole
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