Why Are Skull Jewelry Popular

Why Are Skull Jewelry Popular

Nowadays, you can see a lot of people wearing skull jewelry. It is because jewelry with skull designs is still so ordinary and in trend. Most importantly, skull jewelry is in fashion for ages. Surprisingly, you can even see various celebs wearing skull jewelry these days. It might be because some symbols are popular in the film industry to bring luck and fame. Also, people believe that skulls are one of those good luck charms.

Besides this, we also know that skulls are the oldest and most potent symbols humankind knows. Therefore, it is no surprise that skull jewelry has grown into a popular trend in the fashion industry.

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Skull jewelry has been in trend for ages.

You might not believe the fact that people consider skulls as good luck charm in various cultures. Even more, these are believed to have the power of warding off the illness. Also, people think that these can guard the individuals wearing skull jewelry against different types of evil spirits.

For example, in the Elizabethan era, skull rings were shaped out of jawbones. These rings were designed to disappear under the finger. Due to which these used to create a finger piercing the mount illusion.

Since then, skull rings are so much popular among people and various cultures all around the world. However, they have embraced captivating designs and styles of skull jewelry across ages.

  • Even more, these are not only females who are using skull jewelry. It is because men have embraced this fashion trend as well. 
  • It is because skulls in jewelry don't have the same meaning everywhere.
  • Therefore, there are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of skull jewelry. Surprisingly, the scene of this pop fashion looks to be all for it.

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The symbolism behind skull jewelry

There are various aspects regarding what does wearing skull jewelry means. Some of these symbols are popularly known. At the same time, others are lesser-known aspects of skull jewelry. Let's get to know about some of the meanings of wearing skull jewelry; below to learn more about it.

Wearing skull jewelry represents different things in different cultures and regions. So, what skulls could mean to people include:

  1. A cycle of life
  2. Toughness and bravery
  3. Mortality and immortality
  4. Good Luck charms
  5. Celebration of life

Overall, skulls are not associated with wrong meanings only. Instead, in various cultures, these represent different positive things, as mentioned above. That's why still, people prefer wearing skull jewelry all around the world.

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Why do people love to wear skull jewelry?

However, when it's about to know why skulls are so much famous in jewelry, then you can have so many reasons to justify their popularity. Here we will discuss some of those reasons to get to know more about things in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Skull jewelry is more often reliable

More often, skull jewelry is designed from the highest quality material. So, skull jewelry items are usually more durable and reliable than other jewelry items available in the markets. Due to its toughness, reliability, and durability, skull jewelry can stand the test of time with ease.

  • Skull jewelry looks cool.

Usually, everyone wants to choose jewelry to make a statement and stand out in the crowd. Surprisingly, skull jewelry can easily do it. Skull jewelry can let you manage your style more creatively and very with ease.

Skull jewelry is something that you can carry well with any of your outfits and style with ease. Even more, these come up with so many designs and styles to choose from. Ultimately, making your style statement with skull jewelry is amazingly convenient.

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  • Skull jewelry is always in trend.

There are so many things that come and go when it comes to trends in the fashion industry. However, there is one thing that has been around for a while without any fade in its popularity. It is undoubtedly skull jewelry.

There are so many reasons why people used to wear skull jewelry in the past. However, those beliefs are still here among people. That is why you can find skull jewelry placed on the shelves of fashion boutiques even at present.

So, skull jewelry is always in trend.

  • Good fortune

Even more, some people believe that skull jewelry is a good luck charm. Therefore, they prefer to combine these with rocks to wear and experience fame and good luck.

  • Skull jewelry is available for everyone.

Last but not least, people love to wear skull jewelry because it's readily available. Even more, it is highly versatile as well. Also, anyone can create a striking yet appealing look with skull jewelry without even putting much effort into it.

Why wear skull jewelry?

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Skulls have gotten the seat of the spirit, intelligence, and human life's spark. Surprisingly, another sign to represent the strength belonged to skulls is that these are the least resistant to decay. Therefore, many primitive cultures believe that wearing skulls can ensure well-being and protection.

Some people usually wear cranium jewelry to display confidence and strength. At the same time, others prefer to wear it to show rebellion, a celebration of life, or even a reminder to live the time to the fullest.

Even more, skull jewelry is not specific for men or women only. Instead, both genders are wearing to represent their own beliefs.   

Final thoughts

Surprisingly enough, skulls are one of the most commonly used signs in the fashion industry.

Even more, skulls are standing trend icons that you can wear along with different styles. It seems like the popularity of skulls in jewelry has to do with the universal appeal and versatility of skulls. This can be in terms of both meaning the cranes carry and unlimited styling options.

With all of such things in mind, we believe that skull jewelry is not going out of trend any soon. It is because its items are going to be the most iconic fashion items forever.

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