why people wear skull jewelry and clothes

Why do people wear skull jewelry & clothes?

Fashion has taken the world to another level. Different kinds of fashion and styles are trending, and every individual pulls it off in their way. Similarly, so has the skull jewelry and clothes awed people. Skulls in jewelry and clothes depict the charms of good luck for a few. For others, they believe that skulls have the power to take away sickness and provide guards from evil and bad spirits.

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Skull jewelry and clothes: What is the connection?

Skull is the most commonly used sign in the industry of fashion for jewelry and clothes. The skull jewelry and clothes make you stand out in the crowd by wearing and styling them in various ways. 

The skulls designed on the clothes and jewelry represent different beliefs depending upon the individuals. Some people also believe that it is not good to wear skulls. Let us explore why people still wear skull jewelry and clothes through this article. 

Is it not good to wear skulls?

As we talked about above, people have different beliefs about wearing skulls in jewelry and clothes. Their opinions are dependent upon the culture and tribes they belong to. The skulls are also used in the churches on the tombstones. The primary use of the skulls on the crucifixes and the tombstones reminds the people of mortality. 

The crucifix for others represents triumph, mercy, and hope. The skulls that people have on their motorcycles frighten and cause intimidation in people who look at them. It shows that for everyone, the skull, jewelry, and clothes represent different messages. However, as skull jewelry and clothes are increasing, it makes the skull just a random fashion trend with no specific message.

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Why do people wear skull jewelry and clothes, and what does it mean?

For many people, the skull symbol represents death, and it is also associated with mortality. It is why in horror and action movies, the skulls are famous, even on Halloween. As they fear death, they think these symbols are very offensive as we look into history, the meaning of the symbol of skulls. 🎃

Lifecycle/ Rebirth

Back then, people would wear neckpieces made up of human bones. The people who used to wear the bigger bones would represent the increasing level of respect. Bigger bones also had a second message of the person being highly skillful. 

They would tire up the bones with a string and wear them on skins even though the bones would pierce in their skin. Even in today's world, the skull symbol holds a high significance for some in jewelry and clothes.

Symbol of Respect, Toughness, and Bravery

In the Elizabethan era in Europe, the skull symbol would represent how much the person is tough and brave. In this period, the rings of the deadhead skull and other skull rings with no jaws increased. Everyone would wear these rings to be accepted in society. Religious groups and groups of motorcycle riders use skulls to represent group representation and membership.

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The skull rings also show association with the danger. As said above, in the Elizabeth era, the skull's jewelry was used to show toughness and bravery.  ☠️

The wearers of the skull rings represent that they have toughness and bravery amidst adversity and danger. The skull rings with no jaws are the most common skull ring jewelry you can find nowadays. Many people of various cultures are using these rings and adapting the styles accordingly.  

Skull as a symbol of fear

Skulls used on the jackets, flags, head covers, and masks are to insert the fear inside other people's hearts. Some people want to emblem the fear and show their dominance. Back in history, the flag of the Jolly Roger was to represent a threat. 

It was used by many of the representatives to tell the outskirts not to enter their lands. Skulls and bones were used back then by these tribes as alarms to alert the people.  

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Skull as the symbol of Immortality/ Mortality

Other than the negative connotation of skull symbols in jewelry and clothes, there are positive representations of this symbol. Happened to be used by the crushes and other religious places, they want to alert and remind people of mortality and death. 

To make them understand that every human being will die and they will have an afterlife. There is no concept of immortality. The skulls made of crystals show the life before death, not the death itself. You will find skulls that represent spirituality and freedom.

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Skull as a symbol of Celebration of Life

The Mexican people use the skull as a celebration of life. They celebrate a day every year in November for this cause. 

They decorate the skulls with beautiful colored flowers of multiple varieties. All of the flowers are of bright colors. Along with that, on this day, the ones who have died, their favorite food is cooked, and drinks and beverages are prepared in their remembrance.  

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Skull as Good luck charms

For some, the skull is also used as a symbol of a good luck charm. The skulls in jewelry and clothes guard the wearers against evil spirits and take their illness and sickness away. 🍀

On which finger can you wear the skull ring?

There is no one proper way defined to wear the skull's rings in your fingers. Wearing the skull jewelry inwards or outwards has different representations as well. The inward represents self-expression, and the outwards wearing expresses the sentiments.  

It can change according to individual choice and occasion also.


The reasons why skull jewelry and clothes are getting popular are many, and the significance depends on people of different cultures. However, no matter for a reason and representation, the skull jewelry and clothes never get out of fashion. These are iconic symbols before they were in manner. So, these are some of the reasons which show why people love skill jewelry and clothes.

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