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Skull Candy Heels

Skull Candy Heels

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Skullcandy heels, discreet, and ultra original pair of heels!

These skull candy heels are discreet, cute and ultra original ! for girls who have a good and unique taste!

You can appreciate all these candy skulls of green water that remind you of these beautiful days in front of the sea where the wind draws all these shades of blue and green in perfect harmonious dance.

If you're a pretty light-eyed mixed-race girl, a blonde or even a redhead, the color of these skulls will go perfectly with your eyes and make them look more beautiful, especially if you wear a top of the same color.

Add to that the studs hanging just in front of your toes and the skull falling with those bones to give you that sexy and rebellious look.

What's special about this pair is the black patent heels that look like a bone is just adding to the originality of these shoes.

A water green top with a black skirt, you'll look great and very cute with this outfit!

  • Heel height: 8cm | 3.14 inches
  • Type of closure: Zipper closure
  • Handmade by our craftsmen
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Not available in store
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