Skull Pan 3d Ice Cube Mold

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Taste the skulls of your enemies - if your enemies are made of ice, of course. goodbye, boring ice cubes, make way for skull and crossbones... guaranteed effect!

Ladies and gentlemen, bars men, this 3d Skull Ice Cube Mold is a must in your freezer so that your drink has all the charm it deserves.

During a party with all your friends who like skulls, or simply during a little getaway with friends, these cub molds are indispensable and very practical, they will give you that cool feeling you are looking for, especially in summer.

There is something for everyone, the simple skull for the simple people, the pirate skull for the people who love adventure, and the cowboy skull for your friends who love vintage and the era of big hats and the desert.

Mojito, tequila, or a natural non-alcoholic cocktail, all drinks need a shot of freshness after coming out of the fridge! These cubes will give you the feeling you are looking for.

  • 3 X Skull Heads (designs différents)
  • Silicone Alimentaire
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Withstands very low temperatures

📦 Between two and four days

🌐 7 to 10 business days