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Skull Bracelet Catacombes (Silver) (PREMIUM QUALITY)

Skull Bracelet Catacombes (Silver) (PREMIUM QUALITY)

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Carefully crafted and made entirely from the highest quality sterling silver, this skull and crossbones bracelet for men is a unique piece that will only be worn by the most valiant

Have you ever visited the catacombs of Paris? Well put on your 925 silver skull bracelet and be ready to enjoy your trip. As you can see it responded in two different colors the main color is silver present to make this unique to all attractive around your cuff, obviously the second color is black here to highlight the needs and beautiful details like the space operating every skull head and the insides of their eyes, their nose, and their gums. Also, you can see that on top of the jewel there are a lot of skeleton heads with a big one in the middle.

A bracelet with such a luxury tailoring and meticulous details had to be made out of step 925 sterling silver. Also, a masterpiece like this one has to be with class and luxury outfits like a suit. In addition to that, you can put this Jewel on while you visit the catacombs for example.

  • Sterling Silver: 925 Sterling Silver
  • PREMIUM quality: Luxury tailoring and meticulous details
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Size : 22cm (8.6 inches) | Weight: 140gr (4.9 oz)

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