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American Flag Skull Stickers

American Flag Skull Stickers

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If there is something American people are well-known for, it is their love and their devotion to their country. If you are a proud American, then put this american flag skull stickers on and be proud of your origins! As you can see, it has a unique design starting with the colorimeter, that is made out of three distinguished colors, the main one is the white on the whole background, the second is grass green, the third one and the last one are both presents on the US flag only!

Moreover, it is made out of vinyl, but not any vinyl! The best obtainable in the market, which makes it solid, really sticky to any surface, and the colors won’t fade away!

  • Exclusif and unique design.
  • Application: Fast and easy with bubble-free.
  • Material: Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use.
  • Resolution: Ultra HD resolution up to 95µ density.
  • Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.
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