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American Psycho Umbrella

American Psycho Umbrella

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Look at this unique umbrella with retro American style. A must for the coming winter, it can also protect you from summer storms. Don't be ashamed of your umbrella anymore.

This American Psycho Umbrella is especially dedicated to American lovers

A unique umbrella that expresses the crazy and badass side of Americans, for video game fans and space lovers, this umbrella will be your favorite companion all winter long.

This yellow skull with its infinite spiral glasses is the reincarnation of madness and extreme fun at weekend parties or your best friend's birthday party.

Invite all your friends and tell them to bring their friends too, because the more of you there are, the more the party will be filled with atmosphere and laughter. 

It's time to party with this Psycho Skull and its special party paper petals! Put on your best outfit and don't forget to bring your umbrella so you don't get wet.

  • Material: Made from a waterproof fabric 100% Polyester
  • Design: Image printed by thermal sublimation to prevent color fading
  • 8 solid fiber ribs for extra support
  • Each rib consists of three aluminum sections for flexibility and strength
  • Plastic handle for a firm grip
  • Deadly Style
  • Not available in store
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