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Fallen Angel Skull Necklace

Fallen Angel Skull Necklace

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Do you have the soul of a fallen angel? a rebel from the deepest place in your heart? then you need the perfect jewelry to express that! this one is designed for you!

Welcome gentlemen, if you're looking for a brand new jewel that will drastically improve your style and attract all the beautiful ladies then picking this angel wing skull necklace up would be a huge step, with its very original design representing a bird with massive angel wings and a skull on its back it will draw all the attention of people around you, and since it has a black and silver mix, it makes it even better since it will go well with all of your outfits. 

This amazing piece of jewelry is made out of 100% pure 316L stainless steel making it very sturdy and resistant to water and sweat so you can have it on at any event whether it be a concert, a party, or just a night out with you buddies grabbing some drinks at a bar, it would look amazing with any outfit so pick it up and treat your beautiful self as you deserve.

  • Stainless Steel Pendant: 316L steel, does not blacken, does not rust
  • Mesh Necklace: reinforced and elegant structure
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful and precise details
  • Size Pendant: 68x53mm (2.67x2.08 in) | Weight: ~40gr (1.41 oz)

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