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Jacket Skull Leather "Motorcycle Velocity"

Jacket Skull Leather "Motorcycle Velocity"

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Do you have the spirit of a biker? when you ride, your body steers the bike but your mind escapes from it? this skull motorcycle jacket will be your second skin, a deadly rampant against falls and bad weather!

This biker protective biker will really protect you from the cold or from the wind even from the rain while you ride your bike and go as fast as you can. As you may have noticed, it has a simple design, the color of the jacket is bright black that gives a badass and oiled effect to this amazing leather jacket, it has four pockets, adjustable buttons on the collar and at the bottom of it, zippered cuffs and without forgetting the enhancement on the shoulders, the elbows and in the bottom back of the jacket. Without forgetting the imposing and beautiful embroidered angry skeleton head on the back, that has different writings surrounding him.

This unique biker’s leather jacket is made out of 100% Buffalo Leather, a noble material indeed, but still reflects a wild and badass aspect. As mentioned before it has a simple design, and that makes it match with every style mostly punk and bikers outfits. It can be worn for all kinds of occasions and events, from a simple night out with your friends to a rock concert.

It's a one-lifetime treat!

  • Type of leather: noble material, smooth aspect.
  • Jacket "Full Black": bright black (oiled effect), matt shine.
  • Well-adjusted: enhancement of the shoulder and shoulder area.
  • Beautifully finished, splendid graphics embroidered on the back.
    • Composition: 100% Buffalo Leather.
    • Care instructions: special leather cleaning.

    ☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! As the jacket is quite small, our team recommends 1 size up as a security measure. ☠️

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