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Black Chromed Skull Bracelet

Black Chromed Skull Bracelet

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We have something really cool for your black outfit! a dark chromed beads surrounding three beautiful and discreet skulls. This model is ideal with winter and summer outfits.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen if you're looking for a new Jewel that is very classy and sober and would go well with all of your outfits then you might want to pick this black skull bead bracelet it has a really nice design that is very good for everyday usage with a great color configuration of black and silver, the black part is the main one dominating over most of the surface of this bracelet covering the beads with a matte black finish that feels great and smooth on the skin, then the silver part covers the three well-polished skulls on the front of the bracelet.

This great looking piece of jewelry is made out of Onyx mat and shimmering hematite which makes it feel great on the skin and look absolutely stunning on your wrist, you can wear it to any occasion you please like going to the cinema with your friends and watch a new movie or go to the swimming pool on the hot summer day, it would look very good if paired with a dark colored outfit to make you look even stealthier and classier, so don't hesitate and pick beauty up for yourself.

  • Materials (Stone) : Onyx Mat, Shimmering Hematite
  • One size (adjustable)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • Length: 18cm ~ 22cm | 7.08 ~ 8.66 inches (stretch elastic)

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