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Cow Skull Comforter

Cow Skull Comforter

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome, if you are looking for a new bedding set to add to your room then this cow skull comforter will be the perfect addition to your room's decor, it illustrates the skull of a cow with some very pretty drawings on it and gorgeous roses and flowers surrounding it with majestic massive horns, the details on the drawing are phenomenal all colored in a light brown a white surface to highlight all the details and bring them out well.

This beautiful piece was made out of 100% polyester and microfiber making it very lightweight, comfortable, and soft to give you the optimal sleeping experience and take you up to the clouds to give you feeling and the softness of sleeping on them so if you would like to experience sleeping in a room that suits your taste in decoration then treat yourself by buying this set.

  • Material : 100% Polyester lightweight woven microfiber.
  • Unique design, not available in stores.
  • Invisible zipper closure.
  • Pillow cases & Insert not included.
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