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Day Of The Dead <br>Sugar Skull Molds

Day Of The Dead <br>Sugar Skull Molds

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Enjoy Dias de Los Muertos party with this day of the dead sugar skull molds! suitable for making candies, chocolates, cakes, muffins, jellies, etc.

With all these Day of dead sugar skull molds, this one will probably be your favorite!

With its unique style, it will not only be your clothes that will be original but even your plates! With cakes in the shape of skulls, be sure to be really unique and that you will give a very good impression to your entourage the day of Halloween or at the time of the disguised parties!

With its big hat of the cowboy years, they transport you to Texas where horses and guns will forever be symbols of virility and strength!

You can either make cakes, chocolates, and even savory muffins for a little variety and with your favorite wine, you'll have the best time ever.

Invite your friends and their friends, your cousins, the more people the better! Make sure there is enough of these delicious skulls for everyone, or else it will be first come first served!

  • Silicone Alimentaire
  • Professional quality : ultra flexible, non-stick
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Resistant to very low and very high temperatures
  • Directions for use: lightly grease the mould with neutral oil to facilitate its demoulding!
  • Mould size: 4.6 x1.1 cm (1.81 x 0.43 in)
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