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Demon Tank Top

Demon Tank Top

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Do you believe in the existence of demons? If you do then this demon tank top is a need for you, and it will protect you and keep them away from you! As you may have noticed, it has a unique, neat, and amazing design, starting with the demon in the middle that has blonde hair, has an eye missing, a worm on his forehead, and an amazing set of teeth, there are also multiple other demons, some of them have horns, hair of different colors, holes in their skin, a lot of scars and blood dripping from their body.

Along with that, this product was made out of five-star materials, which means that they are the best that you can get! Also, it is easy to clean, perfect for hot days because of its fibers that will let go through, and it is available in different sizes!

  • High-quality 3D printing: A deadly look in any situation
  • Material: Polyester, Spandex.
  • Comfort: shoulder openings for a better range of motion
  • Anti-bacterial anti-smell: ionization of the fibers to stay dry

Refer to the size guide below. It is recommended to take 1 size above your usual size.

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