Dia De Los Muertos Shower Curtains

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The day of the dead is a religious, sacred, and unique day that comes once every year. If you are a real believer and sure that there is a life after this one, then make your path to heaven with these Dia De Los Muertos Shower Curtains! As you may have noticed, it has a really magnificent design, starting with the background that has multiple shades of white and light blue which makes every other detail more noticeable,  without forgetting the realistic skeleton head in the middle surrounded by multiple flowers like roses and tulips.

Furthermore, this magnificent masterpiece is totally made out of shipshape polystyrene, and that makes it tough and impossible to get ripped off and more durable than normal curtains.

  • Fits all shower bars
  • Durable, waterproof design
  • multiple sizes available
  • 100% polyester
  • Materials provided: Curtain, 12 Hooks
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