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A silver horned skull ring with a careful design and two ocean eyes! don't you see the beauty of this piece of jewelry? I'm sure you are seduced to get yours!

Have you ever heard of the demon of the seven seas? A demon that has been trapped by Poseidon (The god of the Seas and Oceans) himself. As you may have noticed, this masterpiece evil eye ring for sale has astonishing details and amazing details; starting with long striped horns on the top of the skeleton head, frowning eyebrows hiding these beautiful shiny blue eyes like the ocean, also a long nose and six sharp teeths that make it look like it can bite your finger. In addition to that, you can see on each side of these ring engravings of Kraken tentacles.

This jewel is made out of 925 Sterling Silver (100% Pure). It is normal because what other material could be used for a ring symbolizes a strong demon trapped by a god. It can match perfectly with this amazing blue skull bracelet. This ring can be worn for multiple events; night out with your friends or even a rock concert.

  • Sterling Silver : 925 Sterling Silver (100% Pure)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: ~27gr (0.95 oz)

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