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Skull Bracelet Gothic Head Chain

Skull Bracelet Gothic Head Chain

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Young disciple, will your soul as a mere mortal live up to this blackened steel skull and crossbones bracelet?

This gothic head chain is a unique jewel made for gothic people only for fans of black outfits and dark songs with strong lyrics. As you may have noticed, it is completely painted in black making it look really sober around your wrist. In addition to that, you can see that it has the shape of a belt with a buckle to close the bracelet, and without forgetting the multiple black skull heads and the wrapped silky leather around the metal pieces in the shape of the letter “H”.

This amazing jewel is made out of stainless steel, a robust material that doesn’t fear water or chlorine. As mentioned before, gothic people like black outfits, and this jewel would perfectly match with that style. Also, it can be worn for all kinds of events like while you go for a walk late at night.

  • Stainless Steel 316L: doesn't blacken, doesn't oxidize.
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Length of 22cm (8.6 inches) | Weight : 35gr (1.23 oz)

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