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Green Halloween Bag

Green Halloween Bag

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Are you looking for a morbid bag for Halloween? you've come to the right place, this zombie green Halloween bag is perfect for you, it will hold all your candy and chocolate without forgetting your indispensable accessories! 

Stylish ladies, this beautiful Green Halloween bag is specially designed for the ones who love morbid designs and drawings. 

 We all know that a lot of women pay a lot of attention to the bags they wear before the clothes, and that’s why we added this unique design of green zombies with their empty stares just to satisfy your taste.

This bag is the most beautiful bag you can wear to Halloween, but you can also wear it to a costume party or even a masked ball!

If you look at the bag too much you will feel like you are in a horror movie where the people of a whole city die in one night

All of these printed designs are absolutely realistic and magnificent!

One thing is sure, you will be the most noticed on halloween, with this bag on your hands.

  • Style : Goth, Rock, Punk
  • Composition: PU leather
  • Size : 39 x 29 x 11 cm | 15.35 x 11.41 x 4.33 inches
  • Reinforced seams : High-quality finishes
  • Recommended cleaning with a soft cloth
  • Not available in store
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