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Lord Of The Death Skull Patch

Lord Of The Death Skull Patch

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Express your purest instincts with this lord of the death skull patch, perfect for your leather or jeans jacket! dare to have your unique dark style!

The Grim Reaper is the representation of death also known as the death or by some of you Mr mayhem, this grim Reaper biker patch was made for you guys who like the Reaper I would like to add it to your favorite sweatshirt or jacket or even backpack with its amazing color configuration and design that represents death himself with his massive size in front of a tombstone and hell behind him.

This amazing School patch is made by hand by our Craftsmen providing quality and neat details, it's going to go very nicely on a sweatshirt or a leather jacket but you will need a sewing machine or an iron to fix it on your favorite clothes.

  • Ideal to personalize your clothes: The skull patch is perfect for most types of clothing. From backpacks, jackets (leather/jeans etc...) to pants, shirts, or t-shirts.
  • Also suitable for leather jackets
  • Embroidered patch to be stuck on with an iron or sewing machine
  • Handmade by our craftsmen
  • Neat details
  • Flexibility
  • Size: 29.5x28.2 cm (11.61x11.10 in)
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