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Hoodies For Women With Skull

Hoodies For Women With Skull

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Hello and welcome to our beautiful ladies, are you looking for some new clothes that are vibrant and vividly colored? maybe to get some more joy to your life and overall fashion style? well, this hoodies for women with skull is perfect for you, it has a neat design that illustrates a confusing mix of a lot of shapes and colors where we can see a human skull, a woman’s head, an eye, and sunflower all colored in a weird and random way that makes the whole design so attractive and unique.

This astonishing piece of clothing was made out of cotton and polyester to make it soft, comfy, and flexible, allowing you to enjoy wearing it whenever and wherever you please, it also has heat dye applications that prevent the printings from fading out over time, and it helps keep their colors as vibrant as they are when bought.

  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Capuche, few ventral, drawstring
  • 3D digital impression, original design
  • Polyester, organic cotton with extra-long fibers

☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! The Sweatshirt cutting quite small, our team will advise you 1 size upas a pledge of security. ☠️

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