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Fashion Skull Beads Sunglasses

Fashion Skull Beads Sunglasses

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Discover this magnificent pair of fashionable sunglasses, skull beads to give a unique style, dare to dress according to your own standards, and impose yourself, my friend.

Check out these human skull sunglasses, the legend says that they were made out of real human bones, which explains the neat details and the realistic skeleton heads present on the accessory. As you may have noticed, it has neat details and an astonishing design, starting with the black beads on the rims surrounding the lenses that are black and will protect you from the sunlight, without forgetting the silver skeleton heads present on the end pieces and on the bride of the sunglasses.

In addition to that, this gorgeous masterpiece is made out of a robust material that would never rust or break even if it falls multiple times. Also, it can be worn with all types of clothing but would wonderfully match with gothic outfits, as you can put it on whenever and wherever you want, like during a diner.

  • Lens Optical Attribute: Anti-Reflective
  • Perfect finish smooth and elegant.
  • Skull design for a unique style
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