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Jacket Skull Leather "Indian Chief"

Jacket Skull Leather "Indian Chief"

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it's scalping time! become a full-fledged member of the tribe and impose your style with this superb leather jacket bearing the effigy of an Indian chief.

Be the worthy leather of your tribe, make everyone fear your name and your clan with this Indian chief leather jacket, this superb jacket is completely black and has visible sewings, it also has four pockets, an adjustable collar, an adjustable button at the bottom and also zippered cuffs, and above one of the pockets there is the inscription “URBAN BARON”. In addition to that, on the back of the jacket, there is magnificent and imposing sewing of an Indian chief skull head, with a hat that has a gorgeous set of feathers, and above the crane, there is crossbones with three other feathers hanging.

This amazing jacket is made out of 100% Buffalo Leather, a robust material that makes it abrasion resistant and keeps that wild aspect of the buffalo. It can match with all your clothes but would perfectly match with a band t-shirt or a simple black plain tee. It can be worn for all kinds of occasions and events, from a simple night out with your friends to a rock concert.

It's a one-lifetime treat!

  • Buffalo leather: robust material, wild look.
  • Superior ProtectionThick, abrasion resistant jacket.
  • Biker jacket: shoulder reinforcements, "Mao" collar.
  • Splendid embroidered back design.
    • Composition: 100% Buffalo Leather.
    • Care instructions: special leather cleaning.

    ☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! As the jacket is quite small, our team recommends 1 size up as a security measure. ☠️

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