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Indian Skull Boots

Indian Skull Boots

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Back in time, in the old America, the Indians were controlling the lands and every tribe had a chef above them, a wise decision-maker, so if you think you are brave and worthy to become a chef too, get yourself these magnificent Indian skull boots! As you may have noticed, it has a gorgeous design and colorimeter, starting with the shoe being totally black which puts in highlight the beautiful printed Indian skull on the upper. The skeleton is screaming to let you admire his sharp canines and the hat made out of feathers on his head, without forgetting the crossed swords he is holding.

Along with that, this masterpiece is made out of excellent quality rubber soles, which makes them last super long, and would last forever if cleaned properly. Also, the design would never fade away!

  • Highly accurate detail print.
  • Original skull design, not available in store.
  • Ultra durable and weatherproof
  • Shoes size from 7 to 10,5 US 
  • Material : Rubber sole
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