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Jacket Skull Leather "Sons of Anarchy"

Jacket Skull Leather "Sons of Anarchy"

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with this sleeveless leather jacket sons of anarchy, you are guaranteed to be considered by all as a badass that you should not mess with!

This jacket leather sons of anarchy is a must for the fans of this amazing show, this sleeveless jacket is the one that the prospect receives when they start working for SAMCRO, it is completely in black, with nothing on the front and that is made to add the patches as a reward, but on the back of the jacket you can notice the beautiful and famous and chuckling death holding the lamp with the letter “A” referring to anarchy in one hand, and in the other hand an M-4 with the big and sharp scythe with blood dripping from it, and it is coming out of the barrel of the weapon, you can also see the folds of the robe of the death, without forgetting the unique inscription “SONS OF ANARCHY”.

This gorgeous jacket is made out of imitation buffalo leather, but still quite robust and resistant to abrasion and still shares that wildly and bravery of SOA’s members. Also, its beautiful design makes it perfectly match with any Levis jeans, but you’ll have to pair this jacket with your clothes. In addition to that it can be worn for all kinds of occasions and events, from a simple night out with your friends or while you’re riding your bike.

It's a one-lifetime treat!

  • Imitation Leather : quality synthetic fibres.
  • Sleeveless Biker Jacket.
  • Full silkscreen inspired by the American series Sons of Anarchy.
    • Composition: 100% Buffalo Leather.
    • Care instructions: special leather cleaning soap.

    ☠️ Don't forget to refer to the Sizing Guide! As the jacket is quite small, our team recommends 1 size up as a security measure. ☠️

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