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Skull Boots SteamPunk

Skull Boots SteamPunk

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The footwear of the Skull Boots SteamPunk is indispensable for all music fans. A demonic look and a wild rhythm, it's all there on this Skull Cross Boots!

These leather steampunk boots are for you, the woman or the man who loves punk style and buys only the best for their feet!

Made entirely of high-quality leather, with well-designed soles to ensure a lightweight feel.

This pair is simple but very stylish, especially with these three belts, a small simple and two large with skulls written on it the word FLY, It surely reminds you of this song from Lynyrd Skynyrd when they say “I’m as free as a bird now And this bird you cannot change”, because yes, no one can take away your precious freedom.

Fine laces as decoration and more style between the two big belts.

Available in two colors, if you choose the black one it will be more classy, and if you choose the brown one the details of the boots will be much more visible.

One thing is for sure when you wear these shoes, you will be able to walk for miles with no pain in your feet, also you can ride your bike in the appropriate style. They provide guaranteed comfort.

  • Confection Premium :strong fabric, high durability
  • Buffalo Leather : robust material, wild look
  • Flat Sole and bouncy for maximum comfort
  • Pair of mixed / unisex high boots 
  • Maintenance advice: waterproofing once or twice a month.
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