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Lucifer Boots

Lucifer Boots

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Don’t go any further! check out these magnificent and unique Lucifer boots that will match all of your outfits and all events, from a simple skate day to your favorite rock band concert! As you may have noticed, it has a really impressive design that is only printed out of two colors, that are black and white. Starting with the entire shoe being black, except for the upper part that has a gorgeous star with an imposing skeleton head in the middle, this skull has an open mouth, a small nose, three percent eyes, four small sharp horns, and two imposing ones, last but not least two bat wings behind him.

Along with that, it is made out of superior quality products, which means that it would never ever get ripped off and won’t let a drop of water hit your socks, and of course not single scratch will ever touch your shoe.

  • Highly accurate detail print.
  • Original skull design, not available in store.
  • Ultra durable and weatherproof
  • Shoes size from 7 to 10,5 US 
  • Material : Rubber sole
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