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Masonic Ring Sterling Silver

Masonic Ring Sterling Silver

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Two-tone illuminated ring in rhodium-plated silver. an absolute mystery for the association of these two powerful symbols: the skull and the eye of providence. Freemasonry, Illuminati, or perhaps amulet of protection? it's up to you!

This masonic ring sterling silver is perfect for you fans of conspiracy theories. Suppose you didn’t recognize this symbol well. In that case, we are here to guide you through it, so this ring represents the logo of the Illuminati, which is a conspiracy theory that claims that the “Thinking Society” of German Illuminati historically dissolved in 1785, would have persisted in hiding and continued a secret plan for world domination. This ring has some detail to it, with the beautiful golden Illuminati logo on the top of the skull hiding its chrome black eyes and some carvings on the sides to give it a 3D effect.

This ring is made out of 100% pure 925 sterling silver to make it robust and elegant. it is water and stain-resistant, so you can wear it and be stylish wherever you go; it would look very good with an evil demon skull necklace (leather) with a black shirt and a denim jacket, so don’t hesitate on snagging this bad boy and treating yourself or maybe gift it for your loved one.

  • Sterling Silver : 925 Sterling Silver (100% Pure)
  • One size (Resizable)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Neat details
  • Weight: 10gr (0.35 oz)One size (adjustable)

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