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Badass Skull Shorts

Badass Skull Shorts

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Someone badass means someone who is strong, unbeatable, and feared by everyone around him. If you relate to these past few words, then these badass skull shorts are made for you! As you can see, it has a gorgeous design, starting off with the colors used on this item, that goes from white to black, on the waist, it is clearly white, and the lower we get, the darker it becomes, there are two skeleton heads on the legs, their skull is completely full of holes, they got frowning eyebrows, round eyes, and an amazing set of teeth!

Along with that, this wonderful masterpiece is made out of five-star quality materials which make this product be durable, the printed design would never fade away, and it is obtainable in multiple sizes!

  • Antiperspirant: does not retain perspiration, ideal for sport and fitness
  • Good Smell: prevents the development of the microbes that cause unpleasant odors.
  • 3D digital printing, original design
  • Spandex, Polyester
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