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Skull Baseball Cap Military

Skull Baseball Cap Military

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are you in the army? or do you love flat and military caps? this cap is a full military shape with a detailed skull embroidered with a high care! it fits your military style! get yours 

The US military is the strongest military on earth, and if you want to join to protect your dear country and your beloved family, this Skull Baseball Cap Military is a good start to reach your goals. It is available in four different colors that are; desert, army green, black and gray, multiple colors are accessible in case you have multiple kinds of missions. The design doesn’t change, it is all the same on all the caps, with a lot of skeleton heads all over the cap.

Furthermore to what has been said before, this hat is made out of two different colors are 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton, these two materials will never make you feel uncomfortable and the movable belt on the back will make it perfectly fit you.

  • Conception 3D HD : embroidered motifs
  • Worked Finish : no irritating seams
  • Anti-Transpiration : 6 breathing eyelets
  • One size fits all : adjustable belt
  • Head circumference: 56 - 60cm | 22 - 23.6 in
  • Composition : 70% Polyester, 30% Coton
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