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MMA Shorts Skull

MMA Shorts Skull

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MMA fighters are the bravest and the toughest fighters because they care about only one thing when they get into the cage, and it’s the result of the fight, and these MMA shorts skull will be perfect to follow you during all of your fights! As you can see, it has a gorgeous and simple design. Also, it is obtainable in two different colors, the only difference is the background that changes from dark grey to red, but for the skull heads on each side and the inscriptions, it is the same for both colors!

Along with that, this masterpiece is made out of exclusive quality materials, which makes this product perfect to workout with because of the fibers that make it light and stretchy!

  • Antiperspirant: does not retain perspiration, ideal for sport and fitness
  • Good Smell: prevents the development of the microbes that cause unpleasant odors.
  • 3D digital printing, original design
  • Spandex, Polyester
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