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Muay Thai Shorts Laughing Skull

Muay Thai Shorts Laughing Skull

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To be at your full capacity to win against your enemy, you need to be light, to be fluid in your movements, and this gorgeous muay Thai shorts laughing skull will be perfect to achieve that! As you may have noticed, it is obtainable in three different models, all of them have the same design and the same look, the only difference is the splashes present on the belt, the upper right thigh, the low left thigh, and the on the side behind the “S”. Also, there is a skeleton head that has a wide smile, and huge wings behind him!

In addition to that, this astonishing and unique masterpiece is made out of prime quality materials which means that it won’t rip off in case you try to do a high kick or any other trick!

  • Antiperspirant: does not retain perspiration, ideal for sport and fitness
  • Good Smell: prevents the development of the microbes that cause unpleasant odors.
  • 3D digital printing, original design
  • Spandex, Polyester
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