Pineapple Skull Decor

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The pineapple skull decor is not feared, like the great reaper. She is appreciated by all pineapple fans. appropriate her skull for your sweet interior decoration.

Hello guys and welcome, have you ever seen a cute-looking skull? if not, then we guess so, with this pineapple skull decor, you will witness that with your bearings, this wonderful piece has the design of a pineapple with the face of a human skull, the body of it is all colored in yellow with the top leaves in green, it has some very nice details to it especially on the leaves on top and the eyes and nose.

This astonishing piece was made out of risen which is a natural material that isn't harmful to the environment that is also resistant to water, heat, and chlorine while being very sturdy making it ideal to have indoors or outdoors for example in your kitchen or in your backyard, even, so hurry up and pick it up to treat yourself or a dear friend of yours.

  • Composite Resin: Natural material, does not blacken, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless
  • Durable over time: Resistant to heat, water, and chlorine
  • Stability Increased
  • Neat Details & accurate
  • Dimensions : ~ 9.5 x 10 x 16 cm (3.74 x 3.93 x 6.29 in)


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