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Pirate Skull and Bones Stickers

Pirate Skull and Bones Stickers

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For hundreds of years, every pirate on the seas has been looking for the pirate skull and bones stickers, and now here it is, one click and you can get it for you or for a friend, do you think you or him are worthy of it? As you can see, it has a magnificent cartoon design, starting with the skeleton head in the middle with his black outlines, his eye band, his long smile that let you admire his amazing set of teeth, the two crossbones below him, and the pirate hat that also has a small skull head but with crossbones behind him!

Along with that, it is made out of superb quality vinyl, which makes it amazingly resistant and robust to any kind of scratches, and it won’t stick off that easily!

  • Exlusif and unique design.
  • Application: Fast and easy with bubble-free.
  • Material: Durable vinyl, perfect for indoor use.
  • Resolution: Ultra HD resolution up to 95µ density.
  • Don't forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker.
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