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Pirate Skull Earrings

Pirate Skull Earrings

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Are you a pirate at heart? This pair of skull and crossbones earrings are just perfect for your dress-up party or just to look great! Don't wait any longer to get yours.

We all know that skulls and crossbones are very trendy nowadays, they are a symbol of a rebellious soul and a strong personality.

That's why this pair is for you because it reflects your golden heart, brave soul, and a wild mindset!

Crossbones and pirate skull with a mean look carrying a beautiful catholic cross with nice detail, a pure black stone at the middle of the cross.

Whether you are catholic or not, these earrings are charming for sure! 

With a nice pirate scarf on the head, you will be the best pirate of all the history of skull lovers!

    • Stainless Steel 316L : does not blacken, resistant to chlorine
    • No form of discomfort on your skin
    • Neat details

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