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Punisher Shower Curtain

Punisher Shower Curtain

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The Punisher is a man of honor, of faith, and of the word. If you are impressed and inspired by him, get this Punisher Shower Curtain and remember him and his ethics all the time even in your shower! As you can see, it has a really sober design, but still quite impressive. Starting with the color of the curtain being totally black perfect to match your dark grey bathroom, and there are also some red blood splashes on the curtain, without forgetting the imposing and gorgeous Punisher mask in the middle, that is incredibly well-detailed!

On top of that, it is made out of polyester, one of the finest available on the market, and that makes it really robust and water-resistant. Also, it is at your disposal in four different sizes! 

  • Fits all shower bars
  • Durable, waterproof design
  • multiple sizes available
  • 100% polyester
  • Materials provided: Curtain, 12 Hooks
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