Punisher Skull Patch

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Express your purest instincts with this punisher skull patch, perfect for your leather or jeans jacket! dare to have your unique badass style!

Welcome ladies and gentlemen if you want to add a personal special touch to your favorite clothes that you are getting a little bored of then this is the perfect opportunity for you with this punisher skull military patch it has the design of the punisher which most of you should know from the TV show on the platform Netflix in which the punisher himself is a superhero that doesn't deliver criminals to justice but kills them instead, it has the perfect color mix of white and black that will match most of your outfits.

This amazing Skull patch was made with the hands of our finest Craftsman giving it astonishing details and very high quality, it is designed to go on most clothes like backpacks, sweatshirts, and jeans and you can stick it to them using an iron or a sewing machine.

  • Ideal to personalize your clothes: The skull patch is perfect for most types of clothing. From backpacks, jackets (leather/jeans etc...) to pants, shirts, or t-shirts.
  • Also suitable for leather jackets
  • Embroidered patch to be stuck on with an iron or sewing machine
  • Handmade by our craftsmen
  • Neat details
  • Flexibility
  • Size: 4.2x5.5 cm (1.65x2.16 in)
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